Access, Outreach & Internships Officer


I am responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the School's access and outreach work with schools and prospective applicants, aiming to diversify undergraduate admissions
  • All access and outreach events, such as Open Days and school visits
  • Managing the ECI's Sustainability Internship Programme and Training Better Leaders course

I can help with:

  • Supporting your efforts to engage with schools and wider audiences, whether you are staff or students
  • Organising access and outreach activities
  • Putting you in touch with potential employers and recent alumni in the sustainability sector


I first joined SoGE as a fresh-faced first year student in 2016, graduating in 2019. I returned to the School as SoGE's first ever Access, Outreach & Internships Officer in September 2021.

As an undergraduate, I studied at St Catherine's College, and had a particular interest in political geography and geopolitics, travelling to northern Greece and (now) North Macedonia in the run up to the latter country's referendum on its name change in order to research for my dissertation on identity, place names, and geopolitics.

After my BA, I worked for a year in Oxford as a conference producer before joining UCL Geography for an MSc in Environment, Politics amp; Society, this time turning my gaze upwards while staying at home and writing a dissertation on the environmental discourses and climate imaginaries of the two largest private space companies, SpaceX and Blue Origin.

When I had finished my Masters, I was delighted to be able to re-join SoGE in the new role of Access, Outreach & Internship Officer and combine my enthusiasm for Geography with my passion for improving access and equality in higher education, building on voluntary work I had done throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

I am very keen to hear from anyone who would like to discuss anything around access and outreach, so please do get in touch with any feedback, questions, or suggestions.

Please also get in touch if you would like to discuss the ECI's Sustainability Internship Programme (SIP), or visit the SIP website for more information.

Contact about access and outreach:

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