Alumni Relations Officer


Christine is responsible for:

  • the School's alumni relations activities across all undergraduate and graduate courses
  • all alumni communications, including the website, social media presence and newsletters
  • facilitating professional and academic networking between current students, alumni and research staff

Christine can help with:

  • getting in touch with fellow alumni
  • updating your details
  • organising a reunion dinner for your year or an alumni event in your region
  • spreading your news


I joined SoGE in May 2013 as the whole School's first ever Alumni Relations Officer and therefore have got the pleasure to cater for a very vibrant and diverse group of people which I am keen to learn more about every day.

After a degree in Modern German Literature and Theatre Studies, a PhD on the character of the fool in 16th-century drama (a very useful exercise for all job and life matters…), and professional interludes in journalism and music management, I spent three years working for the German scholarship foundation I was with as a student. Looking after their alumni opened the doors into the wide world of alumni relations at Oxford for me, first at Worcester College, and now here at SoGE.

Unlike most geographers, I have so far travelled more in time (16th century) than in space, and can only claim to have leapt the channel from Germany to the UK with the intention to stay, and to live with a very well-travelled better half. All alumni at far-flung places who don't think that this is quite enough are more than welcome to organise an event out there, I will be at your service!

Do get in touch!

We are very keen to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact me (see details above) with ideas, news, feedback and questions.

While our alumni webpages are under construction, we can still provide you with some key information and the links to our social media networks. So please visit the School of Geography and the Environment and Environmental Change Institute alumni webpages.