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2018 (WPG18-01 - )
WPG 18-01The Allocation of Risk and Uncertainty in Infrastructure Investment PDF: 510.6 KB
- Gordon L Clark.
WPG 18-02The effect of unanticipated experience on financial behaviour PDF: 177.1 KB
- Stefania Innocenti, Gordon L Clark, Sarah McGill and Juncal Cuñado.
WPG 18-03Experience, Financial Literacy, and the Propensity to Hold Income Protection Insurance by Country of Residence PDF: 0.8 MB
- Gordon L Clark, Juncal Cuñado and Sarah McGill.
WPG 18-04Asset Owners, Investment Management, and Commitment: An Organizational Framework
- Gordon L Clark and Ashby H B Monk.
WPG 18-05Explaining Behaviour in Economic Geography: The Cognition-Context Nexus PDF: 460.9 KB
- Gordon L Clark.


2017 (WPG17-01 - WPG17-08)
WPG 17-01Migrant workers, self-reliance, and the propensity to hold income protection insurance by country of residence
- Gordon L Clark, Sarah McGill, and Juncal Cuñado.
WPG 17-02Institutions, Behaviour, and the Propensity to Hold Income Protection Insurance by Country of Residence PDF: 0.7 MB
- Gordon L Clark, Sarah McGill, and Juncal Cuñado.
WPG17-03Financial Intermediation, Infrastructure Investment and Regional Growth. Area Development and Policy, 2(3): 217-236.
- Gordon L Clark
WPG17-04Willingness to Disclose Information, Willingness to Pay, and the Amount Survey Respondents Would Willingly Pay for Income Protection Insurance PDF: 0.8 MB
- Gordon L Clark, Sarah McGill, and Juncal Cuñado.
WPG17-05Not only gender: an empirical study of advice seeking predictors in defined contribution pension plans PDF
- Gordon L Clark, Maurizio Fiaschetti, and Paul Gerrans.
WPG17-06Learning-by-Doing and Knowledge Management in Financial Markets PDF: 205.2 KB
- Gordon L Clark.
WPG17-07Regional Development in an Era of Slow Global Economic Growth PDF: 352.9 KB
- Gordon L Clark.
WPG17-08Risk Tolerance, Culture and Materiality PDF: 0.6 MB
- Gordon L Clark, Stefania Innocenti, Juncal Cuñado and Sarah McGill.


2016 (WPG16-01 - WPG16-04)
WPG16-01The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Model of Management and the Principal-Agent Problem. Journal of Retirement, 4(3): 28-41.
- Gordon L Clark and Roger Urwin
WPG16-02Knowledge, experience, and financial decision-making PDF: 447.2 KB
- Gordon L Clark
WPG16-03The Culture of Finance PDF: 0.6 MB
- Gordon L Clark
WPG16-04Determinants of seeking advice within defined contribution retirement savings schemes PDF: 0.9 MB
- Gordon L Clark, Maurizio Fiaschetti and Paul Gerrans


2015 (WPG15-01 - WPG15-07)
WPG 15-01The Components of Talent: Company Size and Financial Centres in the European Investment Management Industry. Now published as, Clark, G.L. (2015) The Components of Talent: Company Size and Financial Centres in the European Investment Management Industry. Regional Studies, 50(1): 168-181.
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 15-02The Contested Role of Investment Consultants: Ambiguity, Contract, and Innovation in Financial Institutions.
- Gordon L Clark and Ashby H B Monk
WPG 15-02The Contested Role of Investment Consultants: Ambiguity, Contract, and Innovation in Financial Institutions.
- Gordon L Clark and Ashby H B Monk
WPG 15-03Compulsive Gamblers: The Frequency and Timing of Trades by UK DC Plan Participants.
- Gordon L Clark, Maurizio Fiaschetti, Peter Tufano and Michael Viehs
WPG 15-04Sovereign Development Funds: Models, Principles and Policies for the Design of Strategic Investment Institutions
- Peter B Clark, Gordon L Clark and Ashby H B Monk
WPG 15-05The Ecology and Spatial Morphology of Finance: Understanding the 'Culture of Finance'
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 15-06Behaviour, Choice, and British Pension Policy
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 15-07Data and fund structure - data solution approach
- Peter Curtis and David Bardsley


2014 (WPG14-01 - WPG14-11)
WPG 14-01The Geography of the Euro Crisis: the ECB, its Institutional Form, Functions, and Performance
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 14-02Behaviour in Context
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 14-03The Production of Investment Returns in Spatially Extensive Financial Markets
- Gordon L Clark and Ashby H B Monk
WPG 14-04Financial sector in Germany and the UK in the wake of the crisis: size, structure and spatial concentration
- Dariusz Wójcik and Duncan MacDonald-Korth
WPG 14-05The demand for advice in defined contribution pension plans
- Gordon L Clark, Maurizio Fiaschetti, and Paul Gerrans
WPG 14-06The geography of foreign exchange trading: Currencies and international financial centres
- Dariusz Wójcik, Duncan MacDonald-Korth, Simon X. Zhao
WPG 14-07The Role of Information Density in Infrastructure Investment
- Rajiv Sharma and Eric Knight
WPG 14-08Information, Knowledge, and Investing in Offshore Financial Markets
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 14-09Title to be confirmed
- Dariusz Wójcik and Daniel Haberly
WPG 14-10Reframing Impact Investment
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 14-11The Transformative Powers of the Co-evolution between International Financial Markets and Offshore Financial Centres
- Sabine Dörry


2013 (WPG13-01 - WPG13-10)
WPG 13-01Making Good on Global Prospects: Information, Knowledge, and Investing at the Margin of Global Financial markets
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 13-02Tax Havens and the Production of Offshore FDI: An Empirical Analysis
- Daniel Haberly and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 13-03Resilience of Economic Sectors to Financial Crises
- Nicholas Kreston and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 13-04Resilience of US Metropolitan Areas to the 2007 Financial Crisis
- Nicholas Kreston and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 13-05'Capitalist Tools in Socialist Hands'? China Mobile in the Global Financial Network
- Dariusz Wójcik and James Camilleri
WPG 13-06Transcending Home Bias: Institutional Innovation through Cooperation and Collaboration in the Context of Financial Instability
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 13-07Regional Blocks and Imperial Legacies: Mapping the Global Offshore FDI Network
- Daniel Haberly and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 13-08The morphology of talent: the market for star performers in the global financial services industry
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 13-09Integrating Finance into Global Production Networks
- Neil M. Coe, Karen P. Y. Lai and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 13-10'The Valley of Opportunity': Rethinking Venture Capital for Long-Term Institutional Investors
- Jagdeep S Bachher, Gordon L Clark, Ashby H B Monk and Kiran S Sridhar


2012 (WPG12-01 - WPG12-13)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 12-01The Scope of Financial Institutions: In-Sourcing, Outsourcing, and Off-Shoring
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 12-02Financial institutions, information, and investing-at-a-distance
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 12-03Freshwater, Saltwater, and Deepwater: Efficient Market Hypothesis versus Behavioral Finance
- Dariusz Wójcik, Nicholas Kreston and Sarah McGill
WPG 12-04Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography - Financial Literacy in Context. Now published as, Clark, G.L. (2014) Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography - Financial Literacy in Context. Economic Geography, 90(1): 1-23, and Clark. G.L. (2014) Financial Literacy in Context: A Rejoinder. Economic Geography, 90(1): 29-31.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 12-05Addressing the Challenges of Transformation through Sustainable Investment
- Gordon L. Clark, Heather Hachigian, Sarah McGill, Claire Molinari, Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 12-06The Geography of Shareholder Engagement: Evidence from a Large British Institutional Investor
- Rob Bauer, Gordon L. Clark and Michael Viehs
WPG 12-07Shining Light on Globalization: The Political Economy of Country-by-Country Reporting
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 12-08Accounting for Globalization: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Country-by-Country Reporting
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 12-09The geography of investment management contracts: the UK, Europe and the global financial services industry
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 12-10Principles and Policies for In-House Asset Management
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 12-11The Geography of Finance
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 12-12State and Local Pension Fund Governance and the Process of Contracting for Investment Services
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 12-13The Kay Review on Long-Horizon Investing: A Guide for the Perplexed
- Gordon L. Clark


2011 (WPG11-01 - WPG11-15)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 11-01Partisan Politics and Bureaucratic Encroachment: The Principles and Policies of Pension Reserve Fund Design and Governance
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 11-02Modernity, Institutional Innovation, and the Adoption of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Gulf States
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 11-03The New Era of Infrastructure Investing
- Gordon L. Clark, Ashby H.B. Monk, Ryan Orr and William Scott
WPG 11-04Pensions or Property? Risk Perceptions and the Saving Strategies of the UK Creative Class, 2007-2010
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 11-05Intergenerational Equity and Long-term Water Management PDF: 227.1 KB
- Claire Woods
WPG 11-06Intergenerational Equity in Law and Practice PDF: 206.2 KB
- Claire Woods
WPG 11-07The End of Investment Bank Capitalism? Financial Jobs and Power in the Securities Industry
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 11-08From Corporatism to Public Utilities: Workplace Pensions in the 21st Century
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 11-09Clean energy technology and the role of non-carbon price based policy: an evolutionary economics perspective PDF: 188.5 KB
- Eric Knight and Nicholas Howarth
WPG 11-10Fiduciary Duty, Statute, and Pension Fund Governance: The Search for a Shared Conception of Sustainable Investment
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 11-11No paper
WPG 11-12The Dark Side of NY-LON: Financial Centres and the Global Financial Crisis
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 11-13Five Perspectives on an Emerging Market: Challenges with Clean Tech Private Equity
- Eric Knight
WPG 11-14Mapping Financial Literacy: Cognition and the Environment
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 11-15Where Governance Fails: Advanced Business Services and the Offshore World
- Dariusz Wójcik


2010 (WPG10-01 - WPG10-16)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 10-01Nordic Welfare Financiers Made Global Portfolio Investors: Institutional Change in Pension Fund Governance in Sweden and Finland
- Ville-Pekka Sorsa and Antonios Roumpakis
WPG 10-02Myopia and the global financial crisis: short-termism, context-specific reasoning, and market structure. Now published as, Clark, G.L. (2011) Myopia and the global financial crisis: Context-specific reasoning, market structure, and institutional governance. Dialogues in Human Geography, 1(1): 4-25.
WPG 10-03Putting sustainable investing into practice: a governance framework for pension funds. Published as Woods, C. and Urwin, R. (2010) Putting Sustainable Investing into Practice: a Governance Framework for Pension Funds. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(1): 1-19.
WPG 10-04Nation-State Legitimacy, Trade, and the China Investment Corporation
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 10-05The Home, Pension Savings, and Risk Aversion: Intentions of the Defined Contribution Pension Plan Participants of a London-based Investment Bank at the Peak of the Bubble
- Gordon L. Clark, Stephen Almond, and Kendra Strauss
WPG 10-06The Economic Geography of Clean Tech Venture Capital
- Eric Knight
WPG 10-07The Economic Geography of European Carbon Market Trading
- Eric Knight
WPG 10-08Stock Market Trading in Space and Time: Information and HSBC Share Prices in New York, London and Hong Kong, 2006-2009
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 10-09DC Pension Fund Best-practice Design and Governance. Now published as, Clark, G.L. and Urwin, R. (2011) DC pension fund best-practice design and governance. Benefits Quarterly, Fourth Quarter 2011: 36-49.
- Gordon L. Clark and Roger Urwin
WPG 10-10Revolution in the Stock Exchange Industry: Two-Sided Platforms, Battle for Liquidity, and Financial Centres
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 10-11No paper
WPG 10-12Sovereign Wealth Funds: Form and Function in the 21st Century
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby Monk
WPG 10-13Local bias and adoption patterns of occupational pensions in Germany
- Csaba Burger
WPG 10-14Geography of Savings in the German Occupational Pension System
- Csaba Burger
WPG 10-15The role of social partners in transforming the German welfare state
- Csaba Burger
WPG 10-16The German model of risk distribution in supplementary occupational pensions. Now published as, Burger, C. and Clark, G.L. (2011) The German model of risk distribution in supplementary occupational pensions. The Journal of Risk, 13(3).
- Csaba Burger and Gordon L. Clark


2009 (WPG09-01 - WPG09-20)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 09-01Temptation and the Virtues of Long-Term Commitment: The Governance of Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 09-02No paper
WPG 09-03Path-Dependence, Coalitions and Interlinked Networks: Legislating Carbon Markets in the Face of Financial Crisis
- Janelle Knox-Hayes
WPG 09-04Human nature, the environment, and behaviour: explaining the scope and geographical scale of financial decision-making. Published as Clark, G.L. (2010) Human nature, the environment, and behaviour: explaining the scope and geographical scale of financial decision-making. Geografiska Annaler: B, Human Geography, 92(2): 159-173.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 09-05Government of Singapore Investment Corporation: Insurer of Last Resort and Bulwark of Nation-State Legitimacy. Published as Clark, G.L. and Monk, A.H.B. (2010) Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC): insurer of last resort and bulwark of nation-state legitimacy. The Pacific Review, 23(4): 429-451.
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 09-06The Architecture of Carbon Markets: Institutional Analysis of the Organizations and Relationships that Build the Market
- Janelle Knox-Hayes
WPG 09-07The Veil of Kyoto: the Politics of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Australia, submitted to Political Geography
- Nicholas Howarth and Drew Foxall
WPG 09-08'Being in the market': the UK house-price bubble and the intended structure of individual pension investment portfolios. Published as, Clark, G.L., Durán-Fernández, R. and Strauss, K. (2010) 'Being in the market': the UK house-price bubble and the intended structure of individual pension investment portfolios. Journal of Economic Geography, 10(3): 331-359.
- Gordon L. Clark, Roberto Durán-Fernández, and Kendra Strauss
WPG 09-09Investing for the Environment? The Limits of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment
- Taylor R. Gray
WPG 09-10Resource Wealth and the Ethics of Global Investment: The Legitimacy and Governance of Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund. Published as, Clark, G.L. and Monk, A.H.B. (2010) The legitimacy and governance of Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund: The ethics of global investment. Environment and Planning, A, 42(7): 1723-1738.
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 09-11No paper
WPG 09-12Listing BRICs: Stock Issuers from Brazil, Russia, India and China in New York, London, and Luxembourg
- Dariusz Wójcik and Csaba Burger
WPG 09-13Funding climate change: how pension fund fiduciary duty masks trustee inertia and short-termism. Published as Ch. 11 in, Hawley, J.P., Kamath, S.J. and A.T. Williams (eds.) (2011) Corporate Governance Failures: The Role of Institutional Investors in the Global Financial Crisis. University of Pennsylvania Press, ISBN 978-0-8122-4314-7.
- Claire Woods
WPG 09-14The Cultures of Philanthropy: Private foundation governance in the USA, the UK, Germany, and Japan
Stephen Lew and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 09-15No paper
WPG 09-16Securitisation and its Footprint: The Rise of the U.S. Securities Industry Centres 1998-2007
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 09-17The role of investment consultants in transforming pension fund decision-making: the integration of environmental, social and governance considerations into corporate valuation. Forthcoming in, Hawley, J. and Williams, A. (eds.) Institutional Investors, Risk / Return and Corporate Governance Failures: Practical Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis, University of Pennsylvania Press.
- Eric Knight and Adam Dixon
WPG 09-18Challenging hegemonic deregulation? The UK Gangmaster Licensing Authority as a model for the regulation of casual work
- Kendra Strauss
WPG 09-19Channels of Convergence: The Distribution of Market Forces by Means of Investor Engagement and Interlocked Directorates
- Taylor R. Gray
WPG 09-20Innis Redux: Dependence, Entrenchment and Lock-In in the Canadian Provinces
- Taylor R. Gray


2008 (WPG08-01 - WPG08-27)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 08-01American and Japanese Corporate Pensions: Convergence or Path Dependence in the Era of Globalization?
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 08-02Trends in Occupational Pension Coverage in Ontario.
- Kendra Strauss
WPG 08-03Defined Benefit Pension Coverage and Funding in Ontario: Local Experiences in a Global Context, policy paper for Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions. September 2007.
- Gordon L. Clark, Ashby H.B. Monk and Courtney S. Monk
WPG 08-04Banking on property for retirement? Attitudes to housing wealth and pensions.
- Kendra Strauss
WPG 08-05The Rise of Pension Fund Capitalism in Europe: An Unseen Revolution? New Political Economy, 2008, 13(3): 249-270.
- Adam D. Dixon
WPG 08-06The Emerging Market for Intellectual Property: Drivers, Restrainers, and Implications.
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 08-07The Geography of Pension Liabilities and Fund Governance in the United States. Environment and Planning A, 2009, 41: 859-878.
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 08-09Implications of the UK Companies Act 2006 for Institutional Investors and the Market for Corporate Social Responsibility. University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, 11(2): 259.
- Gordon L. Clark and Eric Knight
WPG 08-11The Developing Carbon Financial Service Industry: Expertise, Adaptation and Complementarity in London and New York.
- Janelle Knox-Hayes
WPG 08-12The Role of Proximity in Secondary Equity Markets.
In, Clark, G.L., Dixon, A.D., and Monk A.H.B. (eds.) Managing Financial Risk: From Global to Local. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2009)
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 08-13Making pension boards work: the critical role of leadership. Rotman International Journal of Pension Management, 2008, 1: 38-45.
- Gordon L. Clark and Roger Urwin
WPG 08-14Recasting the Sovereign Wealth Fund Debate: Organizational Legitimacy, Institutional Governance and Geopolitics.
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 08-15Institutional Change and the Financialisation of Pensions in Europe. (2009) Competition and Change, 13: 347-367.
- Adam D. Dixon and Ville-Pekka Sorsa
WPG 08-16Financial sophistication, salience, and the scale of deliberation in UK retirement planning. (2009) Environment and Planning A, 41(10): 2496-2515.
- Gordon L. Clark, Janelle Knox-Hayes and Kendra Strauss
WPG 08-17Inducing Socio-Technological Revolution in Energy Network Investment to address Climate Change: An Evolutionary Institutional Economics Model of Agent Behaviour.
- Nicholas A. A. Howarth
WPG 08-18Financial Centre Bias: Another Puzzling Anomaly in the IPO Market?
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 08-19Moving North or South: Corporate Responses to Rising Health Care Costs in the U.S.
- Ashby H.B. Monk and Courtney S. Monk
WPG 08-20No paper
WPG 08-21'How Institutional' are Institutional Investors? The Institutional Life of US Occupational Pension Funds.
- Ville-Pekka Sorsa
WPG 08-22The power of finance: accounting harmonization's effect on pension provision. (2009) Journal of Economic Geography, 9: 619-639.
- Adam D. Dixon and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 08-24Innovation and stock markets: international evidence on manufacturing and services.
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 08-25Constructing Carbon Market Spacetime: Implications for Neo-Modernity.
- Janelle Knox-Hayes
WPG 08-26The 'New' Paternalism, Consultation and Consent: Expectations of UK Participants in Defined Contribution and Self-Directed Retirement Savings Schemes, Pensions: An International Journal 2009, 14(1):58-74.
- Gordon L. Clark and Janelle Knox-Hayes
WPG 08-27The Economic Geography of Carbon Market Trading: How Legal Regimes and Environmental Performance Influence Share Performance Under a Carbon Market.
- Eric Knight


2007 (WPG07-01 - WPG07-17)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 07-01The Knot of Contracts: The Corporate Geography of Legacy Costs. Economic Geography, 2008, 84(2): 211-235.
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 07-02Individual pension-related risk propensities: the effects of socio-demographic characteristics and a spousal pension entitlement on risk attitudes, Ageing and Society, 2008, 28: 847-74.
- Gordon L. Clark and Kendra Strauss
WPG 07-03Mapping UK pension benefits and the intended purchase of annuities in the aftermath of the stock market bubble. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 32(4): 539-555.
- Janelle Knox-Hayes and Gordon L. Clark
WPG 07-04Financially engineering the city: an urban IPO in Amsterdam.
- Morag I. Torrance
WPG 07-05Forging glocal governance? Urban infrastructures as networked financial products.
- Morag I. Torrance
WPG 07-06The power of governance in financial relationships: governing tensions in exotic infrastructure territory.
- Morag I. Torrance
WPG 07-07Human nature, the context of decision-making, and the methods of a new economic geography.
- Gordon L. Clark and Kendra Strauss
WPG 07-08Governing finance: global imperatives and the challenge of reconciling community representation with expertise, Economic Geography, 2008, 84: 281-302.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 07-09Investment intermediaries in economic development: Linking pension funds to urban revitalization.
- Lisa A. Hagerman, Gordon L. Clark, and Tessa Hebb.
WPG 07-10Best-practice pension fund governance, Journal of Asset Management, 2008, 9(1): 2-21.
- Gordon L. Clark and Roger Urwin.
WPG 07-11Conceptualizing the defined benefit pension promise: implications from a survey of expert opinion. Benefits Quarterly, 2008, 24(1): 7-18.
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk.
WPG 07-12The International Finance Index and its derivatives.
- Dariusz Wójcik.
WPG 07-13The emerging market for European corporate governance: the relationship between governance and capital expenditures, 1997-2005, Journal of Economic Geography, 2008, 8: 441-69.
- Rob Bauer, Robin Braun, and Gordon L. Clark
WPG 07-15Canada's Medicare: Social Welfare and Regional Competitiveness.
- Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 07-17More than a profit? Measuring the social and green outcomes of urban investments.
- Lisa A. Hagerman


2006 (WPG06-01 - WPG06-18)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 06-01The consistency of UK pension fund trustee decision-making. (2007) Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 6(1).
- Gordon L. Clark, Emiko Caerlewy-Smith and John C. Marshall
WPG 06-02Shareholder activism in the public spotlight: social investors' resolutions at US corporate annual general meetings, 2001-2004. (Forthcoming, 2007) Environment and Planning A.
- Gordon L. Clark, James Salo and Tessa Hebb
WPG 06-03The UK Occupational Pension System in Crisis. Chapter 10, in H. Pemberton, P. Thane, and N. Whiteside (eds.) (2006) Britain's Pensions Crisis History and Policy, OUP, 280pp.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 06-04Migrant workers in a global city: ethnicity and gender in servicing work in a Greater London hotel.
- Linda McDowell, Adina Batnitzky and Sarah Dyer
WPG 06-05Corporate Governance and Environmental Risk Management: A Quantitative Analysis of "New Paradigm" Firms.
- Gordon L. Clark and James Salo
WPG 06-06Agitation, resistance, and reconciliation with respect to socially responsible investment: the attitudes of UK pension trustees and Oxford undergraduates. (2006) Environment and Planning A, 38: 1585-1589.
- Emiko Caerlewy-Smith, Gordon L. Clark and John C. Marshall
WPG 06-07The growing tension between expertise and representation: UK legislation on pension fund governance and US regulation of the mutual fund industry. (Forthcoming, 2007) in 21st Society.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 06-08The Alchemy of Finance. Chapter 1, in Clark, G.L. and Wó jcik, D. (2007) The Geography of Finance Corporate Governance in a Global Marketplace, OUP, 264 pp.
- Gordon L. Clark and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 06-09Re-engaging with rationality: UK pensions and the context of decision-making.
- Kendra Strauss
WPG 06-10The "Crisis" in Defined Benefit Corporate Pension Liabilities: Current Solutions and Future Prospects
- Gordon L. Clark and Ashby H.B. Monk
WPG 06-11Solutions to the asset allocation problem by informed respondents: the significance of the size-of-bet and the 1/n heuristic. (2009) Risk Management and Insurance Review, 12(2): 251-271.
- Gordon L. Clark, Emiko Caerlewy-Smith, and John C. Marshall
WPG 06-12Institutional Reforms and the Spatial Evolution of Banking System in a Less Developed Region of China Since 1978.
- Xiaojian Li and Zhou Xiongfei
WPG 06-13Gender Inequality, Risk and European Pensions
- Kendra Strauss
WPG 06-14Economic Theories and Spatial Transformations: Clarifying the Space-Time Premises and Outcomes of Economic Theories.
- José Corpataux and Olivier Crevoisier
WPG 06-15Property Sector Financialisation: The Case of Swiss Pension Funds (1994-2005).
- Thierry Theurillat, José Corpataux and Olivier Crevoisier
WPG 06-16Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board: urban investing through a transparent selection process.
- Lisa A. Hagerman, Gordon L. Clark, and Tessa Hebb
WPG 06-17The rise of a global infrastructure market through relational investing: unraveling the web of financial flows into urban geographies
- Morag Torrance
WPG 06-18Financial Knowledge. (Forthcoming, 2008) in Encyclopedia.
- Gordon L. Clark, John C. Marshall, and Kendra Strauss


2005 (WPG05-01 - WPG05-16)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 05-01The Emergence of Non-Financial Rating Agencies for the Promotion of Global Standards: An Assessment and Empirical Analysis of Two Proprietary Databases. Forthcoming, Geoforum.
- James Salo
WPG 05-02U.S. Public Sector Pension Funds and Urban Revitalization: An overview of policy and programs.
- Kendra Strauss, Gordon L. Clark, Tessa Hebb, Lisa Hagerman
WPG 05-03Setting the agenda: the geography of global finance.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 05-04Beyond close dialogue: economic geography as if it matters.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 05-05Institutional investors and the language of finance: the global metrics of market performance.
- Gordon L. Clark, Tessa Hebb, and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 05-06Pension fund trustee competence: decision-making in problems relevant to investment practice. (2006) Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 5(1): 91-110.
- Gordon L. Clark, Emiko Caerlewy-Smith, and John C. Marshall
WPG 05-07Geographically dispersed ownership and inter-market stock price arbitrage - Ahold's crisis of corporate governance and its implications for global standards. (2006) Journal of Economic Geography, 6(3): 303-322.
- Gordon L Clark, Dariusz Wójcik, and Rob Bauer
WPG 05-08Re-writing pension fund capitalism 1: the modern corporation and pension benefit systems in a world of perpetual motion.
- Gordon L Clark
WPG 05-09Re-writing pension fund capitalism 2: the UK pensions crisis and trends in occupational pension plan benefits, 1950-2004.
- Gordon L. Clark and Yu-Wei Hu
WPG 05-10Re-writing pension fund capitalism 3: defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes with reference to demographic and financial flows.
- Yu-Wei Hu and Gordon L. Clark
WPG 05-11Corporate Governance and Environmental Performance: Industry and Country Effects. (Forthcoming) Competition and Change.
- James Salo
WPG 05-12Cancelled.
WPG 05-13Pension Funds and Urban Revitalization New York Case Study: Competitive returns and a revitalized New York.
- Lisa A. Hagerman, Gordon L. Clark and Tessa Hebb
WPG 05-14Trustee Decision-Making in Theory and Practice. (2005) NAPF Research Report No 4.
- Gordon L. Clark, Emiko Caerlewy-Smith and John Marshall
WPG 05-15Pension Funds and Urban Revitalization California Case Study A: Private Equity CalPERS' California Initiative.
- Tessa Hebb
WPG 05-16Pension Funds and Urban Revitalization California Case Study B: Real Estate CalPERS' California Urban Real Estate Initiative.
- Tessa Hebb


2004 (WPG04-01 - WPG04-25)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 04-01Money flows like mercury: the geography of global finance.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 04-02Pension Fund Governance 1: Expertise and organizational form.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 04-03Political Economy of Electricity Reform: A case study in Gujarat, India
- Chris Hansen & John Bower
WPG 04-04An Economic Evaluation of Small-scale Distributed Electricity Generation Technologies
- Chris Hansen & John Bower
WPG 04-05Global Standards and Emerging Markets: the institutional investment value chain and CalPERS' investment strategy
- Tessa Hebb and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 04-06Trust and antitrust in innovation investment communities: reconsidering moral sentiments.
- Terry Babcock-Lumish
WPG 04-07
WPG 04-13
WPG 04-18
Proceedings and papers presented at the conference on 'Global Standards', Oxford, November 2003
  • Susan Christopherson and Nathan Lillie (2004) "Neither Global Nor Standard Corporate Strategies in the New Era Of Labor Standards."
  • Jayne M. Godfrey and Ian A. Langfield-Smith (2004) "Regulatory Capture in the Globalisation of Accounting Standards."
  • James P. Hawley and Andrew T. Williams (2004) "Shifting Ground: Emerging Global Corporate Governance Standards and the Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism."
  • Nigel Haworth, Steve Hughes and Rorden Wilkinson (2004) "The International Labour Standards Regime: A Case Study in Global Standard Setting and Regulation."
  • Tad Mutersbaugh (2004) "Global Standards & Rentier Capitalism: The case of certified organic coffee networks."
  • Grahame F. Thompson (2004) "Is the Future 'Regional' for Global Standards?"
  • David P. Angel and Michael T. Rock (2004) "Global Standards and the Environmental Performance of Industry."
  • Allan Fels (2004) "Global Competition Policy."
WPG 04-14Beyond the TMT bubble: Patterns of innovation investment in the US and the UK
- Terry Babcock-Lumish
WPG 04-15Why do they care? The market for corporate global responsibility and the role of institutional investors.
- Gordon L. Clark and Tessa Hebb
WPG 04-16The Economic Inefficiency of Secrecy
- Tessa Hebb
WPG 04-17 Convergence in corporate governance: Empirical evidence from Europe 2000-2003.
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 04-20Venture capital decision-making and the cultures of risk: An application of Q methodology to US and UK innovation clusters.
- Terry Babcock-Lumish
WPG 04-21Path Dependence and the Alchemy of Finance: The Economic Geography of the German Model, 1997-2003.
- Gordon L. Clark and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 04-23Pricing the economic landscape: financial markets and the communities and institutions of risk management.
- Terry L. Babcock-Lumish and Gordon L. Clark
WPG 04-24Corporate governance and cross-listing: evidence from European companies.
- Darius Wójcik, Gordon L. Clark and Rob Bauer
WPG 04-25Pension and retirement income in a global environment.
- Gordon L. Clark, Alicia H. Munnell, and J. Michael Orszag


2003 (WPG03-01 - WPG03-05)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 03-01Understanding Pension Fund Corporate Engagement in a Global Arena. Relations Industrielles / Industrial Relations Vol. 59-1, 2004.
- Gordon L. Clark and Tessa Hebb
WPG 03-02Blue Agave Peasant Producers and the Tequila Industry in Jalisco, Mexico
- Marco González
WPG 03-03IPPC: A Driver for Innovation in the Pulp and Paper Industry
- Catherine Ganzleben
WPG 03-04Proceedings and papers presented to the Oxford Seminar on Pension Fund Corporate Engagement, November 2002
- Various Authors
WPG 03-05Financial valuation of the German (regional) model: the negative relationship between ownership concentration and stock market returns, 1997-2001
- Gordon L. Clark and Dariusz Wójcik


2002 (WPG02-01 - WPG02-22)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 02-01Competitiveness and European Regional Policy: A Review and Analysis
- Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 02-02Catastrophe Risk and Reinsurance: Financial decision making for the Catastrophe Society
- Mojdeh Keykhah
WPG 02-03The Shape of Uncertainty: Implications for Decision Making
- Mojdeh Keykhah
WPG 02-04Decision-making: models of the real-world and expertise
- Gordon L. Clark and John C. Marshall
WPG 02-05From archipelago to network: Urbanisation and water privatisation in the South
- Karen J. Bakker
WPG 02-06Elementary my dear Watson: On condition and cause in catastrophe risk
- Mojdeh Keykhah
WPG 02-07 A political ecology of water privatization
- Karen J. Bakker
WPG 02-08 Has widening participation in decision-making influenced water policy in the UK?
- Ben Page
WPG 02-09 How and where should we invest in Europe? An economic geography of global finance.
- Gordon L. Clark and Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 02-10 Cognition, Learning and European Regional Growth: An Agent-Centred Perspective on the 'New' Economy.
- Paul Tracey, Gordon L. Clark and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 02-11 Social Capital vs Family Capital: Allies or opponents?
- Haritini Karakoulaki
WPG 02-12 The making of the EU Water Framework Directive: shifting choreographies of governance and the effectiveness of environmental lobbying.
- Maria Kaïka and Ben Page
WPG 02-13 Achieving Participatory Governance: Sustainability and Policy Innovation in a Multi-Level Context. Crosscutting Issues in the Water Sector.
- Erik Swyngedouw, Ben Page, and Maria Kaika
WPG 02-14 The Role of Social capital and Family Capital in SMEs Development and Sustainability: an empirical study of two regions in Greece.
- Haritini Karakoulaki
WPG 02-15 From public to private to... public? Re-regulating and 'mutualising' private water supply in England and Wales.
- Karen Bakker
WPG 02-16 Globalization and competitive strategy in Europe's vulnerable regions: firm, industry and country effects in labour-intensive industries. - Gordon Clark, Theo Palaskas, Paul Tracey and Maria Tsampra
WPG 02-17 "Vulnerability" and regions in the European Union: An exercise on the Italian Mezzogiorno.
- Paolo Guerrieri and Simona Iammarino
WPG 02-18 21st Century pension (in)security
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 02-19 Small-firm production systems and regional vulnerability in Greece: Low-cost versus knowledge-intensive specialisation strategies in globalising economy.
- Maria Tsampra and Theodosios Palaskas
WPG 02-20 Study of four labour-intensive sectors in the region of Valencia: Connections with the regional industrial and technological policy in the region.
- Pere Escorsa
WPG 02-21 Is Ireland a Muse or a Mystic for Regional Development?
- Mary O'Sullivan and Manuela Giangrande
WPG 02-22 On the margin: The performance of UK SMEs in labour intensive industries.
- Paul Tracey, Gordon L. Clark and Helen Lawton Smith


2001 (WPG01-01 - WPG01-19)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 01-01 Rethinking Comparative Studies
- Gordon L Clark, Paul Tracey, Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 01-02 European pensions and global finance: continuity or convergence?
New Political Economy, (2002)
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 01-03 The role of institutions and power relations in local high-tech economic development: evidence from Oxfordshire.
- Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 01-04 Twelve Month Progress Report - RASTEI Technical Paper
- Gordon L. Clark and Paul Tracey
WPG 01-05 RDAs and Local Economic Development: Scale and Competitiveness in High-technology Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire.
- Helen Lawton Smith and Rupert Waters
WPG 01-06 Cross-border Corporate Ownership in Europe is not Consistent with an Integrated Capital Market: Evidence from Portfolio and Industrial Holdings.
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 01-07 Requiem for a national ideal? Social solidarity, the crisis of French social security and the role of global financial markets.
Environment and Planning A, (2001), 33, pp. 2003-2024.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 01-08 Commercial Bank Lending to Smes in Poland: An Empirical Investigation.
- Melanie Feakins
WPG 01-09 France's Regional Unemployment Problem and the 35 Hour Week.
Geographische Zeitschrift, (2001), 89, pp. 220-240.
- Chloë Flutter
WPG 01-10 Agents, Endowments, and Path-Dependence: Making Sense of European Regional Development.
- Gordon L. Clark, Paul Tracey and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 01-11 Competitiveness and European Development Policy: A Review and Analysis.
- Helen Lawton Smith, Gordon L. Clark and Paul Tracey
WPG 01-12 Regions are the Building Blocks of the German Capital Market.
- Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 01-13 Constructing the Post-Socialist Context: The Transformation Environment Explored Through the Agency and Strategies of SME's.
- Melanie Feakins
WPG 01-14 Regional Policy in the West Midlands.
- Helen Lawton Smith, Gordon L Clark, Paul Tracey
WPG 01-15 Questionnaire and Fieldwork Data (UK STUDY).
- Jane Battersby, Nigel Berkeley, Gordon L. Clark, Helen Lawton Smith, Paul Tracey, Janet Tully, Dariusz Wójcik
WPG 01-16 On the margin: the performance of UK SMEs in labour intensive industries.
- Paul Tracey, Gordon L. Clark and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 01-17 London's Place in the World of Finance: A Supply-side Approach.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 01-18 Comparing Oxford and Grenoble: the growth of knowledge clusters in two pioneer regions, dynamics, trends and guidelines.
- Helen Lawton Smith and Michel de Bernardy
WPG 01-19 Global Hazards and Catastrophic Risk: Assessments, Practitioners, and Decision Making in Reinsurance.
- Mojdeh Keykhah


2000 (WPG00-01 - WPG00-18)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 00-01 'Pension Systems' - The International Encyclopedia of Business and Management. IEBM Handbook of Economics, edited by M. Warner, (2002), pp. 5194-5204.
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 00-02 The Greening of Capitalism? Privatising Water in England and Wales.
- Karen Bakker
WPG 00-03 The Dutch Model of Sector-Wide Supplementary Pensions: Fund Governance, Finance and European Competition policy.
Environment and Planning A, (2001) 33, 27-48
- Gordon L. Clark and Paul Bennett
WPG 00-04 Biodiversity and indigenous agroecology in Amazonia. The Indigenous peoples of Pastaza.
- Josep-Antoni Gari
WPG 00-05 Accounting Standards and German Supplementary Pensions: The Emerging Framework Underpinning Global Finance.
Economic Geography, (2001), 77, pp. 250-271.
- Gordon L. Clark, Daniel Mansfield and Adam Tickell
WPG 00-06 The German Social Market in the World of Global Finance: Pension Investment Management and the Limits of Consensual Decision Making.
Transactions IBG, (2002)
- Gordon L. Clark, Daniel Mansfield and Adam Tickell
WPG 00-07 UK SMES,Technology, Competitiveness and Employment.
- Helen Lawton Smith, Gordon L. Clark and Paul Tracey
WPG 00-08 Regulatory Policies and Innovation.
- Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 00-09 SMES, Technology and Internationalisation in the Italian Mezzogiorno.
- Paolo Guerrieri and Simona Iammarino
WPG 00-10 SMES, Technology, Competitiveness and Employment.
- Pere Escorsa, Ramon Maspons, Matt Staton
WPG 00-11 Innovativeness and Competitiveness of Regional Production Systems: Local and International Embeddedness of SMEs in the Information Technology Industry.
- V. Arapoglou, T.B. Palaskas, M. Tsampra
WPG 00-12 SMEs, Employment, Technology, and Competitiveness.
- Mary O'Sullivan
WPG 00-13 Bibliography on European Automotive Components Industry.
- Linda Atkinson and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 00-14 Bibliography on European Clothing Sector.
- Linda Atkinson, Helen Lawton Smith, Simona Iammarino
WPG 00-15 Bibliography on European Electronic Components Industry.
- Linda Atkinson and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 00-16 Bibliography on European Footwear Sector.
- Linda Atkinson and Helen Lawton Smith
WPG 00-17 Industrial Development in Ireland: A New Beginning?
- Mary O'Sullivan
WPG 00-18 Pension Funds and Corporate Governance: An Anglo-American Perspective.
- Gordon L. Clark


1999 (WPG99-01 - WPG99-17)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 99-01 Community Solidarity: Public Pension Fund Investment in Community Development.
Ethics, Place, Environment, 3 (2000) pp 1-24
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 99-02 Mutuality at a Distance? Risk and Regulation in Insurance Clubs. Environment and Planning A, 31 (2000)
- Paul Bennett
WPG 99-03 The Shape of Uncertainty: Insurance Underwriting in the Face of Catastrophe Risk.
- Mojdeh Keykhah
WPG 99-04 Territories of Innovation: Innovation as a collective process and the globalisation of competition.
Published in Lawton-Smith, H. (2000) Technology Transfer and Industrial Change in Europe, Macmillan, London. pp 15-33. - Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 99-05 The Production Processes Employed by the Pulp and Paper Industry.
- Catherine Ganzleben
WPG 99-06 International governance and private actors: Enrolling insurers in maritime environmental regulation.
- Paul Bennett
WPG 99-07 Parochial Policies for a World City; Governing the global localisation of Brussels.
- Guy Baeten
WPG 99-08 The tragedy of the highway; Empowerment, disempowerment and the policies of sustainability discourses and practices.
- Guy Baeten
WPG 99-09 Clichés of Urban Doom; The dystopian politics of metaphors for the unequal city: a view from Brussels.
- Guy Baeten
WPG 99-10 Elite Power, Global Forces and the Political-Economy of 'Glocal' Development.
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 99-11 Authoritarian Governance, Power and the Politics of Rescaling.
Published in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 18 (2000) pp 63-76
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 99-12 Fetishising the Modern City: The Phantasmagoria of Urban Technological Networks.
Published in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 24(1), pp 120-138.
- Maria Kaika and Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 99-13 Vocabulary of the New Europe: Code words for the millenium.
Society and Space, (2001), 19, pp. 697-718
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 99-14 Economic Geography: Transition and Growth.
Chapt. 1 in The Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography (2000), OUP.
- Gordon L. Clark, Maryann Feldman and Meric Gertler
WPG 99-15 The Inefficiencies of Regulation and the Illogic of Efficiency: Water Regulation in England and Wales.
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (2001)
- Karen Bakker
WPG 99-16 Bennett Harrison's Legacy.
Antipode (2001) 22, 23-28
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 99-17 The City of London in the Asian Crisis.
Journal of Economic Geography (2001) 1, 107-130
- Gordon L. Clark and Darius Wójcik


1998 (WPG98-01 - WPG98-12)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 98-01 Pension Fund Capitalism: A Causal Analysis.
Published: Geografiska Annaler B, 80, (1998) 139-157
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 98-02 The Retreat of the State.
Published in Martin, R.L. (ed.) (1999) Money and the Space Economy, J. Wiley
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 98-03 A Question of Identity: Nationalism, Civil Society and Daily Life.
- Warwick Armstrong
WPG 98-04 Small firms, access to capital, and prospects for economic development: Warsaw, Poland.
- Melanie Feakins
WPG 98-05 Anti-trust? European competition law and mutual environmental insurance.
Economic Geography, 76 (2000)
- Paul Bennett
WPG 98-06 Infrastructure Shortfall in the United Kingdom: The Private Finance Initiative and Government Policy. (also TSU Working Paper 864)
Political Geography, 18 (1999), 341-365
- Gordon L. Clark and Amanda Root
WPG 98-07 Competition and Innovation in the Anglo-American Investment Management Industry.
Chapter 5, in Clark, G.L. (2000) Pension Fund Capitalism, OUP.
- Gordon L. Clark and John Evans
WPG 98-08 Marxism and Historical-Geographical Materialism: A Spectre is Haunting Geography.
Scottish Geographical Magazine, 115(2) pp 91-102.
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 98-09 Contested Terrain: Republican Rhetoric, Pension Funds and Community Development.
Urban Geography, 20 (1999), 197-225
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 98-10 Taeduk Research Park: Formation of Spin-offs and Local Linkages.
- Jun-ho Jeong
WPG 98-11 Private Water, Producing Scarcity; the Yorkshire Drought of 1995. Economic Geography, 76 (1), 4-27
- Karen Bakker
WPG 98-12 The Environment of the City or the Urbanisation of Nature.
In, Bridge, G., Watson, S. (eds.) Reader in Urban Studies, B. Blackwell, Oxford. - Erik Swyngedouw and Maria Kaika


1997 (WPG97-01 - WPG97-12)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 97-01 Urban Computable General Equilibrium: A Residential-Location, Spatial-Interaction Model.
- W.D. Macmillan
WPG 97-02 The Private Provision of Urban Infrastructure: Financial Intermediation Through Long Term Contracts.
Urban Studies, 35 (1998), 301-319
- Gordon L. Clark and John Evans
WPG 97-03 Barriers to Technology Transfer: Culture and the Limits to Regional Systems of Innovation.
- Meric S. Gertler
WPG 97-04 Stylised Facts and Close Dialogue: Methodology in Economic Geography.
Annals, Association of American Geographers, 88 (1998), 73-87
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 97-05 Computing and the Science of Geography: The Postmodern Turn and the Geocomputational Twist.
- W.D. Macmillan
WPG 97-06 The Functional and Spatial Structure of the Investment Management Industry.
Geoforum, (2000)
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 97-07 Governing Environmental Risk: Regulation, Insurance and Moral Economy.
Progress in Human Geography, 23 (1998), pp 189-208.
- Paul Bennett
WPG 97-08 The Spectre of the Phoenix - Reflections on the Contemporary Urban Condition.
Published in Bosma K. and Hellinga, H. (eds.) (1997) Mastering the City I, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam/EFL Publications, The Hague/Distributed Art Publishers, NY, pp. 104-121.
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 97-09 Real Intelligence: the case for deductive geocomputation.
- W.D. Macmillan
WPG 97-10 Homing in and Spacing Out: Re-configuring scale.
Published in Gebhardt H., Heinritz, G., Weissner, R. (eds.) (1998) Europa im Globalisieringsprozess von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, pp. 81-100
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 97-11 Politics, Institutions and Regional Restructuring Processes: From managed growth to planned fragmentation in the reconversion of Belgium's last coal mine region.
Regional Studies, (2000)
- Guy Baeten, Erik Swyngedouw, Louis Albrechts
WPG 97-12 Modernity and Hybridity - The production of nature: Water and modernisation in Spain.
Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 89(3), pp 443-465.
- Erik Swyngedouw


1996 (WPG96-01 - WPG96-09)
Paper No.Title of Paper and Author
WPG 96-01 Pension Funds and Urban Investment: Four Models of Financial Intermediation.
Environmental Planning A, 29 (1997), 1297-1316
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 96-02 Rogues and Regulation in Global Finance: Maxwell, Leeson, and the City of London.
Regional Studies, 31 (1997), 221-236
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 96-03 Neither Global Nor Local: 'Glocalisation' and the Politics of Scale.
Published in Cox K. (ed.) Spaces of Globalization: Reasserting the Power of the Local, Guildford/Longman, New York/London (1997), 137-166
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 96-04 From Global Order to Glocal Disorder, New Financial Instruments and the Time / Space Choreography of Glocal Money.
Published in Daniels, P.W. and Lever, W.F. (eds.) The Global Economy in Transition, Longman, Oxford and London (1996), 135-163. Amended version published in French as "Les Nouveaux Instruments Financiers: La Choreographie Tempo-Spatiale de'l';Argent Global" Espace et Sociétés, Nr. 88-89 (1997)
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 96-05 Reconstructing Citizenship, the Rescaling of the State and the New Authoritarianism: Closing the Belgian Mines.
Urban Studies, 33(8) (1996), 1499-1521
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 96-06 Power, Nature and the City. The Conquest of water and the Political-Ecology of Urbanization in Guayaquil, Equador: 1880-1990.
Environment and Planning A, 29(2), (1997), 311-322
- Erik Swyngedouw
WPG 96-07 The Spatial Configuration of the Firm and the Management of Sunk Costs.
Economic Geography, 73 (1997), 285-304
- Gordon L. Clark and Neil Wrigley
WPG 96-08 The Anatomy of Corruption: The Practice of Pension Fund Investment Decision Making.
Environment and Planning A, 30 (1998), 1235-1253
- Gordon L. Clark
WPG 96-09 Why Convention Dominates Pension Fund Trustees' Investment Decision Making.
Environment & Planning A, 30 (1998) 997-1015
- Gordon L. Clark