Watch Dr Fiona McConnell provide an overview of the Transformations: Economy, Society and Place research cluster at the SEED 2015 event.

Building upon our strengths in the geography of finance, work and employment, gender, class and ethnicity, governance, social justice and social change in both the developed and developing worlds, the Transformations research cluster seeks to better understand both institutional and life-cycle change, inter-generational equity and commitment, and mobilities at different spatial scales expressed in the geography of economic, social and cultural processes.

The research cluster has active links with the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, Transport Studies Unit, the Oxford Diasporas Programme, the Oxford Institute of Ageing, and the Centre on Migration Policy and Society (COMPAS). The research cluster maintains a core seminar programme and collaboration across Oxford in cognate disciplines.

Follow the research cluster on Twitter and through the Transformations Cluster Oxford blog.

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