Maps & Figures

On this page you can find material from the book The Population of the UK. To find out more about the book, please go to the book overview.

This is an overview of all maps and figures included in the book. Click an image to show it in full size. This also gives you an option to download the image in full-resolution to your computer. This website also provides you with further material and exercises for each chapter as well as a PowerPoint template that includes all figures and key findings from the book:

Chapter 1: Maps… a different view of the United Kingdom

Chapter 2: Birth… and the suburban pied piper

Chapter 3: Education… the sorting out of children

Chapter 4: Identity… labelling people and places

Chapter 5: Politics… counting democracy, wasting votes

Chapter 6: Inequality… income, poverty and wealth

Chapter 7: Health… the sedimentation of society

Chapter 8: Work… the segmentation of society

Chapter 9: Home… the settlements of society

Chapter 10