OxRBL provides a focus for research at the intersection of geomorphology and heritage conservation. The acronym originally stood for the Oxford Rock Breakdown Laboratory, as investigations of the weathering and deterioration of rock and natural stone provided the core of our research. However, as the team has grown and diversified, OxRBL now stands for the Oxford Resilient Buildings and Landscapes Lab, reflecting our new, broader set of interests and expertise.

Located in the School of Geography and the Environment, we work with a wide range of scientists and others interested in how rocks and building stones break down and decay. We have a well-equipped laboratory, an excellent array of field equipment, and a dedicated test wall site at Wytham Woods.

OxRBL has a collaborative partnership with the Getty Conservation Institute in the form of the Built Heritage Research Initiative. We also have a collaborative partnership with the Dunhuang Research Academy in NW China. Other current and recent funders of our research include EPSRC, AHRC, NASA, English Heritage, The Leverhulme Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and Proceq. We are always interested in new collaborations and in encouraging more students to work with us and use our facilities.

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