Staff Members

Dr Ariell Ahearn

Dr Ariell Ahearn

Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography | tel: +44 (0)1865 275862

Dr Jake Barnes

Dr Jake Barnes

Researcher, ECI

Dr Aoife Brophy

Dr Aoife Brophy

Departmental Research Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise, SSEE

Dr Hannah Budnitz

Dr Hannah Budnitz

Research Associate in Urban Mobility, TSU

Professor Katrina Charles

Professor Katrina Charles

Professor of Environmental Health Risks | tel: +44 (0)1865 285184

Professor Danny Dorling

Professor Danny Dorling

Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography

Professor Sam Fankhauser

Professor Sam Fankhauser

Professor of Climate Economics and Policy

Dr Fiona Ferbrache

Dr Fiona Ferbrache

College Lecturer

Dr Neven Fučkar

Dr Neven Fučkar

Senior Researcher, ECI | tel: +44 (0)1865 275855

Dr Catherine Grasham

Dr Catherine Grasham

Postdoctoral Researcher in Water Security and Society (Social Scientist), SSEE

Professor Cameron Hepburn

Professor Cameron Hepburn

Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, SSEE | tel: +44 (0)1865 285197

Dr Radhika Khosla

Dr Radhika Khosla

Associate Professor, SSEE

Dr Marina Korzenevica-Proud

Dr Marina Korzenevica-Proud

Postdoctoral Researcher in Ethnography

Professor Anna Lora-Wainwright

Professor Anna Lora-Wainwright

Professor of the Human Geography of China | tel: +44 (0)1865 275857

Dr Jennie Middleton

Dr Jennie Middleton

Associate Professor in Human Geography | tel: +44 (0)1865 275893

Dr Julien Migozzi

Dr Julien Migozzi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Jasper Montana

Dr Jasper Montana

Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography | tel: 01865 214930

Dr Amber Murrey

Dr Amber Murrey

Associate Professor in Human Geography | tel: +44 (0)1865 275994

Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela

Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela

Senior Research Associate and Executive Education Programme Director, TSU

Dr Anna Plyushteva

Dr Anna Plyushteva

Departmental Research Lecturer in Transport Studies, TSU

 Tom Russell

Tom Russell

Software Technician, ECI

Dr Alex Vasudevan

Dr Alex Vasudevan

Associate Professor in Human Geography | tel: 01865 614917

 Johannes Wagner

Johannes Wagner

Early Stage Researcher

Professor Dariusz Wójcik

Professor Dariusz Wójcik

Professor of Economic Geography | tel: +44 (0)1865 275985

Dr Monika Zurek

Dr Monika Zurek

Senior Researcher, ECI | tel: +44 (0)1865 285531

Cluster Co-ordinating Team

Graduate Research Students

We have a number of graduate research students actively involved in current research:

Maryam Altaf

Gendered Mobilities and Platform-based Transport Services in Lahore, Pakistan

Xiang Ao

Linking "place thinking" and "flow thinking" for urban industry development: an empirical study of China

Andrew Armstrong

Revenue patterns of piped water services in rural Africa

Mari Arold

Looping forest: Analogue and digital mediations of landscape and identities in post-Soviet Estonia

Moritz Baer

Climate Risks and the Financial System - The role of climate-stress testing for central banks and financial regulators

Konstantin Born

Circular economy and eco-innovation in the mining sector

Joris Bücker

Long term (economic) policy tools based on complexity economics and the non-linear planetary impact of climate change

Andrea Byfuglien

A behavioural perspective on decisions around land use: on social influence, risk, and collective action

Sangwon Chae

The Shifting Urban Paradigm and the Politics of Alternative Urban Place-Making: a case study on Seoul, South Korea

Ho-Yin (Tommy) Chan

Towards resilient cities, communities and individuals: Cutting across the top-down-bottom-up dichotomy through citizen initiatives in everyday transport practices and planning

Rachael Chan

The Staging of Indigeneity in Taiwan as a Geopolitical Strategy

Yi-Ting Chang

From geo- to astropolitics: How Taiwan constructs vertical territory within the global satellite network

Alex Clark

Stranded states: Public management of fossil fuel assets in the international system

Kerry Constabile

Urban 100% Renewable Energy Pathways: Assessing the drivers that shift grids from Brown to Green

Paulo de Souza

Can society and corporations share the same perspective on sustainability? Should they?

Gaurav Dubey

Political economy of low carbon mobility transitions - the case of electric mobility in India

Adam Ferris

Studying decision architecture to find key behavioural intervention measures for increased traction in green consumption

Bruno Friedel

Delivering cohousing for a carbon and resource constrained world, what role for community groups, what role for the state

Lily Gilder

Rethinking therapeutic landscapes: diverse encounters with nature for care experienced young people

Wenbo Guo

Mobility, subjective well-being and health in transitional China: towards socially sustainable cities

Yifan Han

A demand atlas for the planning, operations and upgrading of bicycle-sharing systems

Tiger Hills

Practicing Reconciliation: Producing Peace?

Raffaele Ippolito

Global Environmental (in)Activism: An Ethnography of Pollution, Illness and Community Resistance in Italy and Taiwan

Jimmy Jia

A new tool for energy and environmental valuation to improve decision making for capital deployment of climate-resilient infrastructure

Kristina Kaempfer

Financial Elites and the Spatial Variation of Inequality: Examining the Intersection of Gender, Race and Class in Frankfurt, London and New York City

Abdul Wahid Khan

The Blessings of the Commons (Muzhayo) for the Local Community and More-than-Humans of Chitral, Pakistan and the Influence of Neoliberal and Nationalization Projects: An Apocalypse of a Culturalscape

Nameerah Khan

Bangladesh's arsenic crisis: Navigating the complexities of the science-policy interface of water quality and health

Tonny Kukeera

Holistic Business Models: Connecting Electricity Access to Sustainable Development

Sieun Lee

Caring in the night-time city: filling the spatio-temporal gaps in childcare

Faryal Leghari

Could displacement have brought about a pronounced role for women refugees from patriarchal pastoral communities in a geopolitically strategic region? A study of women refugees in South Waziristan in Northwestern Pakistan post-conflict

Jin Hee Lim

Infrastructural intersection and everyday experiences of state and status in Northern Thailand.

Alexander Manby

Geographies of Naga (Inter)nationalism 1946-2022

Sylvia McKelvie

Toxic Territories, Health Futures: Geographies of Drug Epidemics in Los Angeles County, US

Alex Midlen

The making of a global blue economy ‘governmentality’? Alternative futures in governance of marine resources.

Anca Mihalache

Time-varying electricity tariffs policy design: an integrated approach

Samuel Miller McDonald

Egalitarian Energy: Challenges to Neoliberal Discourse in Distributed Community Energy Programs

Jelani Munroe

Can austerity transform the public sector and services for its citizens? Lessons from Jamaica and the IMF since 2010

Max Nathanson

Defining Climate Security: the Root Causes of US-Bound Migration since NAFTA

Kristina Nilsson

Public finance and drinking water services in rural Africa and Asia

Adam Parr

Law and regeneration in seventeenth-century England

Ignacio Perez

Examining the role of data in smart city management: following the transport data dispositif in Santiago de Chile

Rebecca Peters

Bringing back Golden Bangladesh: Regulation, institutions, and the political economy of river pollution

Mihaela-Claudia Pop

Income Composition Inequality from Socialism to Capitalism

Carter Powis

A multi-disciplinary analysis of the role of transient negative emissions in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement

Akaraseth Puranasamriddhi

The Fiscal Implications of Climate Risks to Critical Infrastructure

Xiyu Ren

The impact of the energy transition on the economy: studies on the pattern and the relationship between policy contexts, firm decisions and innovation choices

Ian Robertson

A Framework for Responsible Investment, with particular focus on proxy voting

Sandra Serumaga-Zake

Water Infrastructure Finance in sub-Saharan Africa

Sugandha Srivastav

Essays on the post-carbon transition

Simphiwe Laura Stewart

A comparative political geography of populism: the rise of the EFF (in South Africa) and the Rassemblement National (in France) 1990 - 2019.

Sarah Hui Ann Tan

Hazy memories: Exploring the relationship between 'eco-social histories' and risk perception through the lived experience of haze pollution in Malaysia

Johannes Wagner

Research project on Rural Water Finance in Africa, with fieldwork in rural Mali and in cooperation with UDUMA.

Christian Wilson

Paris Aligned Portfolios and the Real Economy
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Honorary Research Associate, SSEE

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