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BodEx 2005 - Measurements and observations in northern Chad (Bodélé/Djourab)


The following observations were made in the field:

  1. Surface meteorology at 2 locations (16° 52' 53" N 18° 32' 54.8" E and 16° 58' 53" N 18° 28' 03.6" E) was observed using Davis Vantage Pro automatic weather stations. Observations include temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, solar and UV radiation. Observations were made at 2 minute intervals.
  2. Boundary layer meteorology. Wind speed and direction was observed using Pilot balloon tracking (PIBAL). Balloon ascents were performed 9 times per day. (Observations from a radiosonde mounted on a kite platform were undertaken until the kite tether snapped!)
  3. Observations of aerosol properties (optical depth, angstrom exponent, particle size distribution) (i) a Cimel-318 photometer (ii) a suite of microtops handheld photometers.
  4. Observations of optical and physical properties of near surface dust aerosols (size distribution, spectral absorption efficiency, spectral scattering efficiency, single scattering albedo, mass concentration, and chemical composition) using an in-situ vacuum pump Nuclepore dust sampler.

These will be supplemented by:

  1. Reanalyses data.
  2. Estimates of aerosols properties from remote sensing instruments including MODIS, ATSR and TOMS.
  3. Model simulations of (i) the regional climate using the MM5 regional model and the HadAM3 GCM (ii) dust emission and transport using the TM-3 tracer model.