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BodEx 2005 - Measurements and observations in northern Chad (Bodélé/Djourab)

Nature Articles

Amazon given a good dust

Research Highlights, Nature, 444: 126 (9 Nov 2006).

Climate science: The dustiest place on Earth

Nature, 434: 816-819 (14 Apr 2005).
by Jim Giles

Summary: Dust clouds can cool the Earth and halt hurricanes. But the world's biggest dust source was until recently a war zone. Jim Giles joins one of the few research teams to make the trip.

Midday, near Chicha, northern Chad. It's the dustiest time of day in the dustiest place on Earth. A dirty-white haze drifts in through the open windows of the jeep, coating our clothes with powder. Outside, in the 40°C heat, there's an argument going on...