SoGE Photo Competition 2018 - winners

Do you have great photos from this year's fieldtrips?

All current SoGE students are invited to participate in our annual SoGE field trip/field work photo competition.

The winning pictures will be published in the 2020 SoGE Calendar 'From the Field' and all submissions may be used for other online or print publications by the School (with full credit to the photographer, of course).

Submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of staff from the School.

So do get browsing through your fieldtrip shots and find up to three pictures for submission:

  • Landscapes, people, yourself at work
  • Ideally taken this academic year (we accept 2017-18 pictures from 3rd year undergraduates and 2nd year MPhil students)
  • jpeg format
  • minimum file size 1 MB, ideally 2-3 MB or more
  • minimum of 300 dpi for good print quality

DEADLINE: 24 June 2019

All you need to do:

  • Choose up to three photos and come up with a catchy caption/title
  • Write a short text (120 words max) about each photo, reflecting on your research or what you learnt in the field
  • Complete this online form
  • Email your picture(s) to:
  • If there are any people pictured, please collect their consent to publicise the photo before submission.