Oxford Geography Society has published 'The Alternative Oxford Geography Prospectus' to inform students of the unique Oxford geography experience.

Molly Simpson, president of Oxford Geography Society, talks to prospective students on Open Day

President of Oxford Geography Society Molly Simpson (centre, left) talks to prospective undergraduates on Open Day

Alternaive Prospectus cover [Pdf: 2.2MB]

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 June 2018 hundreds of prospective geography undergraduate students will visit the department to learn about Oxford Geography and hear first-hand from students about the course.

To further help inform students' decision to apply, Oxford's Geography Society have produced their own 'alternative' prospectus, a student-perspective of Oxford geography.

Collated by new Access Rep Ben Farmer and Secretary Benedict Gardner, and edited by President Molly Simpson, the prospectus includes a breakdown of the course and field trips, an insight in to Oxford student life and top tips for applying.

"The Oxford Geography Society believes that it is important for all students, regardless of background, to acknowledge that Oxford is a feasible option for them. We hope that this prospectus sets the foreground for wider access to Oxford geography"

Molly Simpson, President of the Oxford Geography Society