"It was a most interesting and enjoyable occasion and gave a fascinating insight into the how the department is at the forefront of interdisciplinary environmental research. Dr Sarah Darby and Dr Philipp Grunwald gave us a fascinating and superbly delivered double act insight into 'smart' energy."

John Harris (1968, Mansfield)

Green economy, military power and the future of international relations, smart metres and cutting-edge maps: these were the topics covered by SoGE academics at Meeting Minds 2017.

For the first time a geography alumnus - First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones, KCB, ADC (1978, Mansfield College) - contributed to this year's Alumni Weekend in Oxford, and attracted a total audience of several hundred Oxford alumni across all subject backgrounds.

While the Admiral as well as Professors Cameron Hepburn and Danny Dorling were part of the main Meeting Minds programme at the Maths Institute, many alumni revisited the School to attend the annual Herbertson Lunch and a talk given by Dr Sarah Darby and Dr Philipp Gruenewald from the Environmental Change Institute's Energy team. In an entertaining double act they explained why smart metres may not be smart enough to save the planet and shed some light on how mobile apps can give insights into the things we do with energy.

After lunch in the Herbertson Room, six of the eight recent graduates who won prizes for their achievements in Finals, received their certificates in person from Professor Danny Dorling and enjoyed being given a warm welcome into the School's alumni community.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about Dr Phil Grunewald's study on electricity use, please visit energy-use.org.
You can find a great overview of all energy research at Oxford on www.energy.ox.ac.uk.

Final Honour School Prizes: Trinity Term 2017

The C D D Gibbs prize in Geography is awarded on the results of the examination for the Honour School of Geography in Trinity term 2016. Prizes are awarded for the best Human Geography (A J Herbertson) and Physical Geography (H O Beckit) Dissertations, for submitted work and for the best climate science dissertation (MOAP award).

Following a generous recent bequest we are delighted to award the second J C A Meldrum prizes in memory of past student John Charles Alexander Meldrum (1947, Jesus College). These prizes are offered to the best fieldwork reports in human and also in physical geography as well as to the best essays associated with the FHS option courses.

Gibbs Prizes

Oscar Hartman DaviesC D D Gibbs Prize for outstanding performance in examinations for the Honour School of Geography
Rachel HoughC D D Gibbs Prize for outstanding performance in examinations for the Honour School of Geography
Katherine LanhamC D D Gibbs Prize for outstanding performance in examinations for the Honour School of Geography

Dissertation Prizes

Ben NotherH O Beckit Prize for best Physical Geography dissertation
Alexander FosterA J Herbertson Prize for the best Human Geography dissertation

Submitted Work Prizes

Charlie OakleyJ.C.A. Meldrum Fieldwork Prize (Tenerife) for best fieldtrip report - Tenerife
Katherine LanhamJ.C.A. Meldrum Fieldwork Prize (Copenhagen) for best fieldtrip report - Copenhagen
Katherine LanhamJ.C.A. Meldrum Essay Prize Winner for best 3 extended essays
Anna HarrisJ.C.A. Meldrum Essay Prize Runner Up - 3 extended essays

Met Office Academic Partnership Award

Matthew ClementsMet Office Academic Partnership award for the best Climate Science dissertation

"Thank you for organising a very enjoyable, and informative, Alumni lunch and lecture last Saturday. It was my first time coming back as a SoGE alumni - it won't be the last!"

Rhian Sherrington (1988, Mansfield)