On 25 March, Professor Jim Hall met SoGE alumni from across Asia in Singapore. He was part of the academic programme of this year's Alumni Weekend in Asia with a talk on climate-resilient infrastructure systems.


From left to right: Alan Fowler (BA Geography, 1984), Professor Jim Hall, Haruna Suenaga, Nasha Lee (both MSc ECM 2014-15), Wu Huijuan (MSc WSPM 2009-10), Shivanthi Kandiah-Evans (BA Geography 1994).

Some of our Californian alums gathered at an Alumni Weekend event in Palo Alto, US, on 5 April: Patrick Chung, an early graduate of our MSc course in Environmental Change and Management (alias ECM, 1996-97), now Co-founder and General Partner at venture capital firm Xfund, met recent leavers Vanessa Gerber (ECM 2015-16, right) and Arturo Villanueva (MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management 2015-16, left).


From left to right: Arturo Villanueva (MSc WSPM 2015-16) Patrick Chung (MSc ECM 1996-97) Vanessa Gerber (MSc ECM 2015-16)

We had a great turnout for our first ever MSc Alumni Drinks in Berlin on 8 June. Lots of new connections were made in the charming surroundings of the Prinzessinnengaerten as all guests are working with interesting players in the field of climate and sustainability. Many thanks to Julia Rawlins (NSEP 2006-07) for organising.


From left to right: Juliana Gaertner (MSc NSEP 2013-14), Malika Virah Sawmy (MSc ECM 2003-04), Lea Kliem (MSc NSEP 2013-14), Julia Rawlins (MSc NSEP 2006-07), Maggie Sloan (MSc NSEG 2015-16, visiting from Munich), Johannes Ebeling (MSc ECM 2005-06), Christoph Ratay (MSc NSEG 2015-16, visiting from Munich), Claire Fyson (MSc ECM 2012-13), James Farquharson (MSc NSEP 2009-10), Josselin Rouillard (MSc ECM 2004-05).

Our well-established MSc Alumni Drinks in London took place again on 10 May and brought a good crowd together in The Blue Posts on Newman Street. Many thanks to Praveen Gopalan (ECM 2005-06) for organising.


Back row, from left to right: Ian Curtis, Christine Baro-Hone (both SoGE), Matthew Hunt (MSc ECM 1998-99), James Grant (MSc NSEP 2012-13), Phil Jones (MSc BCM 2010-11), Daniel (guest), Lucy Erickson (MSc BCM 2010-11).Front row, from left to right: Juliette Burroughs (MSc NSEP 2012-13), Lydia Sheldrake (MSc ECM 2015-16), Praveen Gopalan (MSc ECM 2005-06), Dr John Boardman (ECM Course Director 1994-2008), Frances Page Pimenta, Sophie Hesar, Daniel Marten (all MSc ECM 2013-14). Ridwan Sanad (MSc ECM 2015-16).

Further information

September will see alumni return to Oxford for an ECI Alumni Dinner (2 September), the University's alumni weekend featuring SoGE's annual lecture and Herbertson Lunch (16 September), and a 50-year reunion for 1967 geography matriculands (29 September). Capping off our bumper season of reunions will be the 15th anniversary gathering of our MSc course in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance on 7 October.