Sandscapes Seminar Series Flyer

This term, the Landscape Dynamics cluster hosted an exciting new seminar series exploring the sediments, processes and landscapes that characterise the world's great deserts. Biweekly talks from experts in the field inspired students and academic staff alike, and these sessions were all followed by convivial trips to the pub!

Prof Stephen Tooth (Aberystwyth University) regaled us with findings from his (often crocodile-infested) research in fluvially influenced sandscapes across several continents. We were then plunged into small-scale dynamics to examine sandscapes at an impressively high resolution, through the lens of Dr Jo Nield's (University of Southampton) terrestrial laser scanner. Prof Clement Narteau (University of Paris) left the audience with much food for thought, by presenting data from laboratory and field studies that provide evidence for a new paradigm for dune development. Finally, the entertaining Prof Ed Rhodes (University of Sheffield) unraveled the secret lives of sand grains using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) dating techniques.

The series was rounded off with a well-attended 'Speedy Sandscapes' seminar, where current DPhil and Postdoctoral researchers from the department presented their research in a snappy, TED-style format. It was stimulating to learn about the exciting projects going on within the cluster, and a generous helping of mince pies and beer ensured that the event was full of festive cheer.

A new series of Sandscapes seminars is already being planned for 2016!