Sustainable Oceans

Dr Richard Bailey has been awarded 1.5M by the Oxford Martin School, to direct a new 5 year programme on 'Sustainable Oceans'. This builds on an ongoing 18 month (0.2M) project funded by Ocean Conservancy, and a 0.8M support package from the London technology company Improbable.

While in its early stages, the project is having considerable impact - Richard, along with Chris Dorsett (Vice President at Ocean Conservancy) and Daniel Baltzer (SoGE), was invited to Brussels on the 21 September to brief the EU Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, on progress to date, and to discuss future collaborations; earlier in September, Richard met with the Senior Economist at NOAA Fisheries in Washington DC for a similar briefing.

The Oxford Martin School Programme is co-directed by Prof Alex Rogers (Zoology) and Prof Catherine Redgwell (Faculty of Law) at the University of Oxford, and involves model-building for policy support, biodiversity mapping to inform ecosystem impact assessments, application of satellite technology for surveillance of fisheries and marine protected areas, and work on the legal framework for enforcement, in support of negotiations on a new implementing agreement for the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.