Ram Singh is in his early thirties. His hair is already streaked with grey. He sits on a wall in the north Indian village of Bemni in the Himalayas. Catch him on a good day, and he'll tell you that he is a MA English Literature student with plans to get a job in a high school. On a bad day - most days - he'll look at you quizzically when you ask what he does. He says that his life is just moving along. He spends most of his days doing 'timepass'.

Youth unemployment is everywhere in north India. Economic growth has not created jobs in India, yet hundreds of millions of young people are entering formal education in search of an upper middle class life. In new research funded by the ESRC, Professor Craig Jeffrey is working alongside Dr Jane Dyson, Dr Dhana Hughes and Dr Amanda Snellinger to examine the creative ways in which unemployed youth are engaging in politics, often to challenge historical inequalities. Craig and Jane have recently published books on this topic, and you can also listen to them talking about different aspects of their research in broadcasts on BBC Radio Four.