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The School of Geography and the Environment have launched a new page on their website dedicated to sharing the COVID-19 research going on within the School.

Although a very important part of the University of Oxford's COVID-19 research is to find a vaccine for the virus, there is lots of other research to be done in looking at the implications that COVID-19 will have on people, businesses, the economy and the environment.

There are a large variety of research projects across the School that are working towards finding answers to some of the many questions raised by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of these include studying that change in energy use in the UK during and after the pandemic, exploring how recovery packages could boost economic growth and stop climate change, analyzing the response to COVID-19 in the black community and looking at the effects of lockdown and social distancing on mobility.

Head of School, Professor Gillian Rose, said, "Geography is a discipline that's uniquely suited to tackling complex problems. Crises like COVID-19, or the climate crisis, always have their own dynamic but they're also fundamentally shaped by social practices, institutions and ideas. Geographers bring a suitably wide range of skills and insights to understand such crises and also to invent ways to tackle them."

Find out more about the COVID-19 research going on at the School of Geography and the Environment.