Jesus College Geography Fellows

Professor Patricia Daley and Dr Richard Grenyer are Jesus College's Geography Fellows.

Thanks to the generous donations of Jesus alumni (some of whom were Geographers) the College has fully endowed its two Geography Fellowships in perpetuity, ensuring the subject’s rich future at the college for generations to come.

The Helen Morag Fellowship, which currently supports Patricia Daley as Professor of the Human Geography of Africa, was named after the wife of alumnus Victor Wood. It is one of several Helen Morag Fellowships at Jesus College, that Victor endowed in her memory.

Most recently completed is the Paul Paget-Colin Clarke fellowship endowment, supporting Richard Grenyer as Associate Professor in Biodiversity and Biogeography at the College. This Fellowship honours two eminent former Geography Fellows, Paul Paget and Colin Clarke, who between them taught Jesus Geographers from 1957-2003.

Professor Patricia Daley commented: "The endowment signifies a recognition of the contribution of geography to the academic life of Jesus College. We are most grateful to all the benefactors who have helped us to protect the teaching of geography in perpetuity at Jesus College. Thank you."