REACH conference 2015

Photo: REACH Water Security 2015 Conference

Opening today, the REACH International Conference on Water Security and Poverty 2019 celebrates achieving its most diverse gathering of practitioners and scientists to date. In addition to achieving an equal gender balance, half of attendees represent countries in Africa and Asia, and one-third are early career researchers.

The make-up of the conference reflects the REACH programme’s core aim, to improve water security for the poor, through interdisciplinary collaboration and by forging the next generation of researchers and water leaders.

Since 2015, the DFID-funded REACH programme has been working to improve water security for over five million poor people by:

  • generating new evidence on water security through an innovative, interdisciplinary, risk-based approach
  • establishing science, practitioner and enterprise partnerships to ground research in approaches that will benefit the poor
  • building capacity and networks for the next generation of water managers and scientists in Africa and South Asia

Over the next three days conference attendees will discuss key results to date from REACH in Bangladesh, Kenya and Ethiopia, and continue to shape major academic, policy and practice debates around water security and poverty.

“In an increasingly complex landscape of demographic, climatic, environmental, political and economic change we need to move beyond traditional silos, and broaden the debate by welcoming a diverse range of voices and perspectives – more representative of the lived experiences on the ground in Bangladesh, Kenya and Ethiopia.”

Dr Katrina Charles, REACH Programme Co-director