UNIQ Summer School

Applications are open for the University's 2019 UNIQ Spring and Summer Schools.

The School of Geography and the Environment have two UNIQ courses in 2019 - Geography (30 June - 4 July) and Geography: Living in the Anthropocene (14 - 18 April).

UNIQ is open to students studying in their first year of further education, who are based at UK state schools/colleges. Students make a single application between December and January.

UNIQ Spring and Summer gives you a taste of the Oxford undergraduate student experience. You will live in an Oxford college for a week, attend lectures and seminars in your chosen subject area, and receive expert advice on the Oxford application and interview process. The timetable also allows plenty of time for social activities; in the evenings you are free to tour the city, sample some of the University's sports and cultural facilities, and let your hair down at the farewell party.

Geography: Living in the Anthropocene (14 - 18 April)

Many scientists argue that human impacts on the environment are now so great that we have moved into a new geological epoch - the Anthropocene - in which humans have become the major force in shaping the earth system. This interdisciplinary course explores the causes and consequences of human-induced transformations in climate and the biophysical environment and considers how societies should respond to the challenges of environmental change. Find out more

Geography (30 June - 4 July)

At Oxford, Geography is an interdisciplinary degree course which bridges the social and natural sciences. This UNIQ course gives you the opportunity to explore geographical perspectives on the interrelationship between society and the physical and human environment. Find out more