Degree completed in 2022.

Environmental Risks, Stranded Assets, and the Impacts of Regulation on Firm Productivity


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Yangsiyu is pursuing a DPhil degree in Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and Institute for New Economic Thinking at the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof. Cameron Hepburn and Dr. Jacquelyn Pless. She is also a Global China research fellow at the Global Development Policy Center at Boston University. 

With an educational background across social and natural science, her research is question-driven. She employs quantitative methods to understand 1) environmental policy’s impact on firms and 2) technological innovation in the energy transition. 

 Prior to her DPhil, she held various professional positions working on the environment and energy issues, such as with international organisations UNEP in Japan, the private sector Pernod Ricard in France and non-profit organisations Green Startups Accelerator in China.

She is fluent in Chinese (native), English and French, and intermediate in Spanish.

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