Climate Scenarios for Water Security in Developing Regions



Sarah O'Keefe holds a MSc in Geography from the University of Sussex (with distinction) and a BSc in Biology and Political Philosophy from Mount Allison University.

After completing her BSc Sarah worked for international aid agencies on watershed management in South America. She then joined a team of policymakers to develop source-to-tap water protection legislation in response to the Walkerton water crisis in Canada.

Sarah went on to become a Senior Policy Advisor on water and climate change in Canada before taking on the role of Senior Policy Coordinator in the development of Nigeria's National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action for Climate Change (NASPA-CCN).

Following presentation of the plan to the UNFCCC she worked as a senior policy advisor with the Climate Change Secretariat in British Columbia before beginning her DPhil at the University of Oxford. Sarah took a short break from her DPhil to assist with the development of B.C.'s newest climate change plan before again returning to her research.

Sarah's MSc research focused on the use of climate models to assist in disaster risk reduction. Her current DPhil research uses novel crowd-sourced climate modelling to help identify the role anthropogenic climate change is playing in changing the probability and severity of floods, droughts and heatwaves in the developing world.

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