Degree completed in 2019.

Understanding energy demand: energy using practices and energy services


Academic Profile

My research aims to contribute to reducing energy demand in small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). In seeking to support policies designed to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency measures or promote sustainable behaviours, the research places everyday practices at the heart of enquiry, asking ‘what is energy for?’

I work alongside publicly funded projects offering advice and grants to SMEs, seeking to understand how energy is consumed, managed and conserved in the everyday conduct of business. My research data also comes from interviewing policy officials and individuals from organisations seeking to support SMEs through fostering entrepreneurship and providing advice on environmental issues and funding opportunities.

Prior to starting the PhD and after graduating from Oxford with a Geography degree, I worked in environmental consulting, firstly advising large corporate clients on packaging waste and carbon footprinting. In my most recent role I oversaw three European funded grant programmes targeted at reducing SME emissions through behaviour change and energy efficiency measures. My research builds on this experience and aims to contribute to the success of similar policy instruments in future.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Other Publications

Conference Papers

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