Degree completed in 2017.

Space, research objects and interdisciplinarity in geomorphological inquiry


Academic Profile

Rachael Tily graduated from the University of St Andrews with a first class MA (hons) in Social Anthropology and Theological Studies. Following a period of professional experience in London she was awarded an ESRC 1+3 Scholarship and, after completing the MSc Nature Society and Environmental Policy, she commenced doctoral research at Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment in Autumn 2011.

Current Research

Rachael's research interests are focused towards the ethnographic study of material - human configurations as they are enacted within institutions and corporations. Her current (doctoral) research seeks to understand the practices and spaces of laboratory and fieldwork, modelling and texts in the geosciences. Focusing on the work of geomorphologists, it will investigate (i) processes of co-evolution and dissonance that arise in moving between these sites of scientific endeavour and (ii) shifting configurations of technology and instrumentation, theory, funding regimes, disciplinary alignments and societal demands.

Three methodologies are employed:

  • Participant observation: ethnography along the corridor
  • Literatures and Academic Lineages: participatory mapping exercises
  • Action research - facilitating workshops or dialogues among geoscientists

Updates on this research project will be posted on Space and Practice in the Geosciences.