Degree completed in 2018.

Distributive justice and transportation equity: inequality in accessibility in Rio de Janeiro


Academic Profile

Rafael holds a MSc in Demography from University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a BSc in Sociology from University of Brasilia (UnB), both in Brazil. After completing the MSc he has worked as a researcher for five years at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), focusing on policy-oriented research in the fields of urban and regional development, transport policies and demography. Rafael joined the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) in October 2013.

Current Research

Rafael's research is positioned at the intersection of urban and regional development, population studies and transport policies. Key research interests include:

  • Justice and Equity issues in transport policies;
  • Commuting patterns and Urban accessibility;
  • Spatial organization of cities;
  • Active travel;
  • Spatial Analysis and GTFS data; and
  • Population aging and demographic projections.
Doctoral Research

Rafael's doctoral research concentrates on questions of distributive justice and transportation equity. It focuses more specifically on the distributive aspects of how transport policies/investments shape socio-spatial inequalities in access to opportunities. The four-paper thesis is grounded on a theoretical discussion of leading contemporary philosophical theories of justice, mainly Rawls' egalitarianism and Capability Approaches. The methodology developed in the thesis contributes to accessibility measurement in multimodal transport networks by combining GTFS and GPS-based big data. The research further develops two case studies that discuss the equity implications of the transport legacies from sports mega-events in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and analyze of who benefited from the new transport developments in the city. More info is available here.

Selected Publications

Papers and Articles
Books Edited
Book Chapters
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Working Papers and Other Publications
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