Degree completed in 2021.

Beijing and London Compared: How Can Fast-Developing Cities Broaden Urban Knowledge?



Qiujie Shi is a DPhil student in Geography at St John's College and a Clarendon Scholar. She received her Bachelor's (first-class) degree in Urban Planning, and Master's degree in Human Geography, both from Peking University, China.

Her doctoral research compares inequalities in Beijing and London, and highlights how such a comparison can broaden our urban knowledge and advance a more global urban agenda. She has a wide range of research interests, including migration and citizenship, global cities, socio-spatial inequality, and comparative urbanism.

Current Research

Qiujie's doctoral research sits at the boundary between social inequality and urban studies, comparing the social structure in Beijing and London with a global-local framework. This includes an evaluation of the demographic attributes of the labour market in each city and their relationships to the global city status and the institutional arrangements of the two cities; a study of earnings inequality dynamics and the global-local cooperation/contradiction underpinning the dynamics; and a study of socio-spatial inequality and its relationship to economic changes, neoliberalisation policies, and urban spatial expansion. The thesis contributes to research on social inequality, a policy-related issue, by revealing how inequality is influenced by neoliberalisation, state intervention, and local policies. Her doctoral research is funded by a joint Clarendon/Kendrew scholarship.

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