Degree completed in 2021.

Resilience Assessment of Complex Infrastructure Networks - a system-of-systems approach to rail networks at national scale



Ohis is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He has spent a considerable period of his career as a practising engineer, working with leading engineering firms including Atkins, Halcrow and SKM (both now part of Jacobs), Network Rail and Transport for London. Ohis has over the last two decades, provided technical leadership on several major infrastructure projects across a number of countries and has led large engineering teams to deliver a wide range of engineering projects, many of which were of crucial national importance. He holds a Master of Science degree with distinction in major programme management from Pembroke College Oxford and a Master of Science with distinction in civil engineering from the University of East London.

Current Research

Ohis' doctoral research study, awarded the EPSRC scholarship, seeks to formulate system-of-systems methodologies for assessing the risk and resilience of large, complex, critical infrastructure networks. This involves an in-depth national scale modelling and stress testing of these networks to assess their vulnerability and resilience under threat, with a specific focus on Britain's rail network. It is hoped that this study, which focusses extensively on the world's oldest and pioneer railway network will inform the development of novel research methodologies that will make useful contributions to existing research knowledge.

Current Teaching