Degree completed in 2016.

Developing innovation capability: the case of Chinese automobile companies


Academic Profile

Liwen is currently a DPhil student at the Transport Studies Unit within the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. Liwen holds a bachelor and master degree in electrical engineering, both from Tsinghua University, Beijing China. She has in-depth knowledge about the power systems and abundant experience in designing and building bi-directional high-voltage & current converters and related control strategy based on power electronics. Now she is focusing on the study of transportation system transitions, aiming at promoting the integration of the transport and power sector. Her research interests lie in technological innovation, the patterns and processes; the interaction between economic, political and social factors in open innovation systems; innovation policy, states and strategy.

Current Research

Liwen's doctoral thesis examines technical innovations in high speed rail industry in order to discover the trajectory of technology development and gain insights about possible pathways towards a green and sustainable transportation future, and for developing countries in particular.

Special attention is given to China since it is developing the world most extensive HSR networks and claims to have obtained all intellectual properties in related technologies. This thesis will systematically review how China's high-speed rail industry is evolving in response to political, financial and technological changes during the past few decades.

The thesis will contribute to the innovation literature and facilitate environmentally-friendly and valuable technological innovations through improving the coordination and cooperation among the various actors of the innovation system, building up of a market-oriented education and training system as well as intellectual property protection.