Sea level rise in Kiribati and Tuvalu: Geopolitics, epistemic communities and diplomacy



Liam's research focuses on rising sea levels, climate change and small island states. Particular imaginaries of small island states and global sea level rise have been popularised by international media, NGOs, climate activists and politicians alike. Liam's research explores the consequences of these imaginaries for the political futures of small island states and the wider implications for contemporary understandings of geopolitics and diplomacy. Different epistemic communities have been responsible for the production and circulation of different forms of knowledge within international climate diplomacy. Liam's research explores the interface and interaction between diplomacy and science in the context of Pacific Island states and rising sea levels.

Prior to starting his DPhil in 2017, Liam completed his BA (Hons) in Geography and MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance at the School of Geography. Liam's previous MSc research focused on Seychelles and exploring the geopolitics underpinning the Blue Economy concept.

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