Degree completed in 2016.

Strategic appraisal of interdependent infrastructure provision


Academic Profile

Kate is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with experience working in both the defence and construction industries. Her work has focused on risk, asset management and safety and has included the design of large infrastructure systems as part a multi-disciplinary team. She maintains her role as CH2M's Technology Manager for their Transportation Europe division while undertaking her DPhil research. Kate holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick (2004).

Research Interests

  • Project appraisal including Cost Benefit Analysis and Multi-Criteria Analysis
  • Decision Analysis and decision making under severe uncertainty
  • Real Options Analysis
  • Infrastructure Systems

Current Research

Kate's research focuses on long term decision making for integrated infrastructure provision, in particular how the interdependencies between infrastructure systems influence the benefits realised, and how infrastructure can be designed to be robust as a system of systems despite the deep uncertainty surrounding its future operational environment.

Her work centres on the infrastructure appraisal process, considering how the evaluation changes when infrastructure assets are assessed as a portfolio of investments rather than standalone assets. In particular, the value/cost derived from infrastructure assets enabling/constraining future development and creating system efficiencies or industrial symbiosis. She considers how understanding of this enablement/constraint can allow flexibility to be built into the infrastructure assets and used to ensure future development pathways are resilient to deep uncertainty. Her aim is to build a decision support tool that presents both the opportunity and uncertainty of infrastructure development pathways as a system of systems.

Kate is part of the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium; reviewing the five key infrastructure networks of energy, ICT, transport, water and waste and the interdependencies between them from a UK national perspective. Her studentship is jointly sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the engineering consultancy CH2M HILL.

Current Teaching