International Financial Centres, Women’s Networks and the Politics of Space: Exploring Gendered Practices in London and Frankfurt



Kristina is a doctoral candidate at the School of Geography and the Environment researching women's work experience in finance, as well as being a Junior Research Associate at the International Gender Studies Centre (IGS), University of Oxford. Specifically, she explores how the global financial crisis affected female financial employment in Frankfurt and London. She holds an MSt in Women's Studies from the University of Oxford (Distinction), an MA in Political Theory from Goethe University, Frankfurt, and a BA in Political Science from Free University Berlin.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Kristina worked for a technology start-up in London overseeing and consulting on the implementation of their conversation rate optimisation products. She was also engaged in the 2017 German federal elections, assisting the management of a digital campaigning team and has a long-standing political experience. Kristina is an active advocate for feminism, has published on issues relating to feminism and instructed educational seminars on women's role in politics in Germany.

Current Research

In her doctoral thesis, Kristina seeks to draw a gender sensitive map of the financial centres of Frankfurt and London. As the Financial Crisis of 2007 - 2009 reignited the debate on gender inequality in finance, the unchanged discrimination against women accessing the bodies of financial decision-making poses not only a democratic problem but also perpetuates social injustice. Scrutinizing this status quo, the analysis focuses on the participation and the representation of women in finance.

Situated within financial geography, the project investigates how the cultural and institutional landscape of Frankfurt and London influence women's work experiences in financial services. Comparing these two financial centres, a particular emphasis is placed upon the situation of senior women and the fund industry. Theoretically and methodologically, the research draws upon influences from gender and feminist studies as well as political theory.

This doctoral project builds upon Kristina's master's dissertation, which followed an ethnographic approach and explored the work experience of junior and senior women working in finance in Frankfurt.



Securing the future of the financial industry via improved gender diversity: watch a talk by Kristina and Prof. Dariusz Wójcik

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