Degree completed in 2016.

Politics of transparency: contested spaces of corporate responsibility, science and regulation in shale gas projects of the UK and US


Academic Profile

Irem has recently finished her doctoral studies at the School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford, funded by a partnership scholarship program by Clarendon Fund Scholarship and Brasenose College Annual Fund. In 2011, Irem completed the MSc program in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at the School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford, studying on Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme. Before Oxford, she double majored in philosophy and economics, followed by a master's degree in political science and international relations at Bogazici University, Turkey. During her post-graduate studies, she spent time in the US as a visiting research fellow at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and New York Universities.

Current Research

Irem's research interests are corporate transparency, the science-policy relationship in environmental regulation, and economic geography of shale gas development in the US and the UK. Her doctoral dissertation investigated how the rapid and large-scale development of shale gas resources had emergent impacts on the environment and financing of the industry projects in the US, and how this shale take-off affected resource making and environmental regulation of the industry in the UK. Methodologically, the research will use case study approach to compare different shale gas development experiences in the US and UK, building upon extensive fieldwork in the Pennsylvania and New York states in the US, and Blackpool, Lancashire in the UK.