Degree completed in 2017.

The global impact of droughts on agricultural production


Academic Profile

Franziska Gaupp is a doctoral student in the Environmental Change Institute investigating spatio-temporal correlation of droughts and their influence on agricultural production in the major global crop production areas. Furthermore, she participates in the Global Water Partnership (GWP)/OECD 'Global Dialogue on Water Security and Sustainable Growth' which funds her doctoral studies.

Franziska holds a BSc in Economics from the Free University Berlin where she also worked as a Teaching Assistant for the modules 'Macroeconomics' and 'State and Allocation'. She holds an MSc (Distinction) in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Prior to joining the University of Oxford, Franziska spent time at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) where she investigated cereal price changes caused by supply shocks from a global perspective.

Current Research

Franziska is interested in probabilistic modelling of drought occurrences and their impact on crop yields in the global 'breadbaskets'. For the analysis in the past, she uses a combination of global climate re-analysis data and observed crop yield data. In order to indentify a dependence structure of droughts and yield losses, she applies the copula methodology which is a statistical tool to model joint distributions.

In her work for the GWP/OECD project, Franziska develops a model which examines global water scarcity due to intra-annual water variability and storage capacity on a river basin scale. Furthermore, she develops metrics of water scarcity in the areas water and sanitation, agriculture and meteorological drought.