Degree completed in 2020.

The role of built environment and travel behaviour in influencing people's well-being - A case study of Shenzhen


Academic Profile

Eric holds a BA and MPhil degree in Geography from the University of Hong Kong. Before joining the Transport Studies Unit in October 2014, Eric worked as a traffic engineer in international transport consultant companies of Hong Kong (MVA and CKM), managing a range of local and international traffic and transport projects in terms of transport engineering, traffic design and assessments, various scales of traffic surveys and transportation studies.

Current Research

Eric's research interests span around the focus of sustainable transport with primary interests in the built environment, urban transport planning, sustainable transport policies, inter-modal coordination of various transport modes. His key research interests include the following topics:

  • The built environment and travel behaviour
  • Well-being of pedestrians
  • Social capital in sustainable transport
  • Greenway and cycling
  • Neighbourhood environment and physical activity

Doctoral Research

Eric's doctoral research aims to investigate theoretical links between the built environment, travel behaviour and well-being. As the major component conditioning the movement of people within physical space, the built environment is likely to be of crucial importance to people's travel behavior as well as travel related well-being. With increasing literature in meso scale built environment features, other micro scale features deserve in-depth investigation for they may also be influential to individuals' travel behavior and well-being. By relating both the built environment features and people's walking behaviours to the study of well-being can provide a comprehensive view in theorizing the built environment, travel and well-being links.

Current Teaching


Referred journal articles

Working Papers and Other Publications

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