A holistic approach to diagnosing the deterioration of rock-hewn structures in Lalibela, Ethiopia



Blen is a doctoral student at the School of Geography and the Environment. Her research focuses on understanding the weathering of rock-cut heritage sites in Ethiopia. Her research interests are mainly in the conservation of rock-cut sites. She is also interested in studying how global conservation policies are implemented and understood in Ethiopia and the African continent.

Blen earned a BSc in Architecture and Urban Planning from Unity University, an MA in Archaeology and the Environment from the University of Evora, and an MSc in Science and Technology for Conservation and Restoration from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

Before starting her PhD at the School of Geography, Blen worked as an architect and as a consultant for the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Ethiopia).

Current Research

Blen’s PhD research focuses on understanding the main drivers of weathering of rock-hewn sites in Lalibela, Ethiopia and developing a methodology to diagnose the deterioration of these sites using field and laboratory techniques.

Current Teaching