Degree completed in 2018.

Campaigning in the age of digital media: exploring the influences of digital affordances on campaigning in environmental non-governmental organisations


Academic Profile

Anna holds a Master's of Philosophy with Distinction in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of British Columbia (Canada). Anna's earlier research explored the integration of traditional ecological knowledge and classical science into management plans for coastal ecosystems and small-scale fisheries in South Africa's Western Cape.

Anna has also worked as a researcher and field officer for several environmental non-governmental organisations (ENGOs). Most recently, she was a researcher with C3 Climate Change and Sustainability Agency, a Biodiversity Restoration and Analog Forestry Officer for La Fundación Cuero y Salado (Honduras) and a Sustainable Livelihoods Facilitator for Canada's Falls Brook Centre. She is also a certified Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioner.

Anna has also been heavily involved in university and college life. In addition to research and teaching assistantships, Anna has volunteered for the Western Wilderness Committee and the City of Cape Town in climate awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Current Research

Interested in knowledge sharing, public engagement and technology, Anna is currently exploring how ENGOs are mobilising the affordances of new technologies in campaigning and social marketing for conservation.

Using a selection of campaigns run by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Anna is investigating how campaign architecture for conservation has evolved and transformed alongside technological innovations. She is particularly interested in the extent to which conservation-minded publics are using communication technologies to take conservation campaigning into their own hands.

Current Teaching

Active in the SoGE's Conservation Governance Lab, Anna is involved in teaching and running workshops for the 2014-2015 MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Management programme.