Students come from a diverse set of cultures, backgrounds and ages reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the course, and its relevance across the world. They leave with knowledge, understanding and transferable skills that propel them into successful water management and related careers.

Examples of what recent graduates have said about the course:

"My experience on the WSPM course at Oxford opened my eyes to the global issue of water security and the crisis which is looming in various parts of the world. It allowed me to step beyond the science of water, to discover the profound impact of governance on water resources management. Since graduation, I have held policy advisor positions at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and at Environment Canada. I also became a Provincial Associate for Waterlution, a Canadian non-for-profit organisation. This year, in 2009-10, I am the recipient of a Water Policy Fellowship from the Toronto-based Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. My research is identifying the benefits of multi-jurisdictional collaboration for water management, based on the learnings from the implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive. The key audience for my recommendations will be the Canadian Council of Environment Ministers.
Emily Lagace (Canada): MSc in WSPM 2004/05
"Upon finishing my MSc I began working in the Agri-Environment Services Branch at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. My WSPM education enabled me to take a holistic approach to this task, something that would have been difficult had I not been exposed to such a great breadth of water issues while at Oxford. I believe this programme fills an important niche in today's international policy landscape as more and more governments are looking for interdisciplinary thinkers to tackle increasingly 'wicked' water problems.
Gemma Boag (Canada): MSc in WSPM 2008/09
"The course covers everything about water, from science to governance to management. There is always something new to expect from each lecture-a lot of interesting opinions and debates! I enjoyed the course and highly recommend it.
Minlei Du (China): MSc in WSPM 2007/08, Current post: Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Beijing
"The MSc course has broaden my horizons and allowed me to forge some lifelong friendships. I am grateful to have learned from the experiences and perspectives of many outstanding minds in the field of water management all over the world. This course has provided a solid foundation towards my work now, which involves drafting water policy papers and shaping the content of some forums in the annually held water conference in Singapore - the Singapore International Water Week.
Xin Wei-Wong (Singapore): MSc in WSPM 2007/08, Current post: Public Utilities Board, Singapore
"The course, like the water sector, is truly interdisciplinary. As such, you tackle subject matter unrelated to your academic or professional background. If you embrace this dimension of the course, you not only gain new expertise but the lateral thinking required to make an impact in the sector.
Daniel Shemie (Canada): MSc in WSPM 2008/09, Current post: The World Bank (Water Unit), Washington, D.C.
"The course gave me a critical and analytical approach to understand and evaluate the changes that I had been earlier working on as part of the Nile Basin Initiative, I have returned to work as water consultant for projects examining land leasing/ grabbing, watershed management, Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) and Reduction of Forest from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD).
Wondwosen Seide (Ethiopia): MSc in WSPM 2008/09, Current post: Water consultant
"The interdisciplinary nature of the MSc in WSPM enabled me to gain a good insight into the fascinating fields of water resource management and water supply and sanitation services. The course also provided me with a number of practical tools that help me in my daily work as advisor in water sector regulation and pro-poor financing.
Philipp Peters (German): MSc in WSPM 2008/09, Current post: Research officer, GIZ/Nairobi

More graduate student reflections are available on the main IGS webpages.