NSEG alumni are pursuing careers with a wide range of organizations, with a third or more entering MPhil or doctoral programmes in Oxford and elsewhere. The following examples illustrate the range of initial student destinations.

2010-2011 (As of November 2011)

  • Press Officer, Renewable Energy Association, UK
  • Research Associate, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Kenya
  • Founding Director, Cultivate, UK
  • Policy Advisor, Georgian Ministry of Conservation and Environment
  • Policy and Partnership Assistant, UNEP
  • Consultant, Beed Management, Nepal
  • Analyst, Vivid Economics, UK
  • Intern, Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome
  • Intern, Global Canopy Programme, UK


  • Policy Analyst, Confederation of British Industry
  • Social Performance Analyst, BG-Group
  • CSR officer, Burberry
  • Water Policy Analyst, Alberta Environment
  • Intern, UK Tar Sands Network
  • Analyst, Financial Services Authority
  • Official, National Water Services Agency, Singapore
  • Intern, GTZ Namibia
  • Entered DPhil/MPhil Programme (5)


  • Senior Policy Analyst, Business Environment team, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand
  • Communications Officer, Food and Agriculture, Oxfam UK
  • Policy Analyst, Laos Institute of Renewable Energy (LIRE)
  • Climate Change Officer, BirdLife International
  • Researcher, UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security, Bonn
  • CPET coordinator, ProForest
  • Researcher, Overseas Development Institute
  • Analyst, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance US Department of the Interior


  • Advisor for Asia-Oceania, Secretariat of The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
  • Research Assistant, Business School, Kings College London
  • Policy and Advocacy Office, Prevention Research Centre, Tulane University
  • Town Planning Manager, Eastern Shore Conservancy
  • Community Coordinator, The Greening Campaign
  • Communications Coordinator, US Dept of Energy
  • Programme Manager, Overseas Territories, Royal Society for Protection of Birds
  • Graduate Assistant, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Advisor, Electoral Federal Institute, Mexico
  • Self-employed Environmental Consultant
  • Expert Associate, Development Agency North, Croatia
  • Head of World Europe Programme, British Council, Berlin
  • Researcher, New Economics Foundation, London


  • Consultant, Perspective Consulting, Beligum
  • Research Analyst, Blenheim Capital Management, USA
  • Management Consultant, Monitor Group
  • Knowledge Management Specialist, United Nations Development Programme, Ukraine
  • Head of Development Projects, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia
  • SRI analysts, Henderson Global Investors