The MSc/MPhil in Environmental Change and Management (ECM) aims to produce students with a broad appreciation of all aspects of the management of people and institutions in relation to environmental change. As part of the Environmental Change Institute the MSc/MPhil in Environmental Change and Management emphasises cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approaches to the critical environmental problems of our time, especially climate change and adaptation, energy and lower carbon futures, and ecosystem conservation and management.

The programme trains young international leaders in all aspects of environmental change, sustainability and management, preparing them with the critical concepts and skills to be competent and aware decision-makers. The programme is broad-based and cross-disciplinary, with teaching staff from a wide range of departments as well as visiting lecturers from business and industry, government and NGOs, and a variety of research and policy institutions.

The course is also supported by a vibrant network of alumni, spread across more than 60 nations around the world. Graduates inhabit a wide range of careers, as civil servants, NGO leaders, bankers, engineers, lawyers, scientists, policy advocates, and entrepreneurs. Over the past 20 years, ECM-trained environmental leaders have come to occupy influential positions in government, mainstream and new business sectors, international environmental research, and local civic enterprises.

About the course

In 2019, the University of Oxford's MSc/MPhil in Environmental Change and Management celebrated 25 years at the forefront of international environmental education. It is one of the world's most highly regarded and sought after interdisciplinary graduate environmental training programmes.

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Who should apply, and why

Candidates from a range of disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply so long as they can demonstrate academic excellence as well as relevant environmental experience and/or a deep interest in the environment.

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Info for current students

Course information, timetables, and teaching materials for current students are provided through the Canvas VLE and on our Intranet.

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SoGE Alumni Network

With over 5,000 former geography undergraduates as well as more than 1,500 Masters and DPhil graduates the SoGE Alumni Network is a growing source of professional contacts, knowledge, and advice.

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Dr Mark Hirons

Dr Mark Hirons
Course Director, MSc/MPhil in ECM
Telephone: +44 (0)1865 285171

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