Students come from a diverse set of cultures, backgrounds and ages reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the course, and its relevance across the world. They leave with knowledge, understanding and transferable skills that propel them into successful biodiversity and conservation management and related careers.

"If you want to be exposed to the length and breadth of modern biodiversity conservation, this course is for you. It will be a springboard to a million possible future career directions, and help you decide where you want to be heading and equip you with the skills and knowledge to start the journey. Be prepared, the course will stretch you! BCM trained me to think critically, handle pressure and meet deadlines, whether working on my own or as part of a team."
Tim Kuiper (Class 2014/15) Principal Investigator, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Elephant Monitoring and Conservation Project.
"My year on this course is perhaps the most intellectually eclectic and stimulating experience to date. From the discussions on how "Big Data" will transform biogeography and landscape scale conservation, to analysing conservation through Panda diplomacy and deconstructing the realities of Bovine Politics, the course has strengthened my natural science knowledge, introduced me to new social science perspectives and enhanced my understanding towards the socio-economic and political challenges in biodiversity conservation."
Dexiang Chen (Class 2014/15) Manager Temasek Investment Management.
"With a background in social science, I applied for the BCM course with the feeling that in order to be able to engage meaningfully with the conservation industry, I would need a better understanding of the natural science that underpins it. BCM provided me with a very good, broad knowledge of the relevant natural science and - more importantly - the critical points at which both disciplines converge in conservation. It is fair to say that BCM was a life changing experience, which led me directly to my dream job working with and for nature."
Aoife Bennett-Curry (Class 2011/12) Research Scientist, Centre for International Forestry Research.
"The BCM course brought all of my scientific knowledge and skills into focus. The diversity of courses, lectures and teachers armed me with a comprehensive and practical view into the world of conservation. But most importantly the lecturers on BCM are all conducting exciting, cutting edge research and have decades of real-world experience working in leading international environmental organisations."
Nick Hall (Class 2005-2006), Photographer, Seattle USA.
"The breadth of topics in the BCM course reflect the breadth of solutions that need to be advanced in order to address global conservation challenges. Beyond the course itself, the opportunities available at Oxford are unparalleled - including access to incredible leaders and exposure to global issues and projects. This program offers an educational and experiential platform to thrive in international conservation."
Hari Balasubramanian (Class 2003-2004) Managing Partner, EcoAdvisors.

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