Fieldwork is a significant and well-resourced element of the programme's teaching philosophy and is designed to complement and extend the class room provision. We run two field trips each year. Attendance on these is mandatory and the cost of attendance is covered in your fees.

An Induction field course: Isle of Purbeck and the New Forest National Park, Dorset

The aims of this induction fieldtrip are exceedingly straightforward, namely i) to get to know each other and chat about our respective interests, 2) to introduce the course ethos and philosophy, 3) To visit a set of sites that illustrate both a European approach to conservation and the interactions between landscapes, actors, institutions over time.

A week residential field course to Tenerife, Spain in the Easter vacation

Coming at the end of the taught component of the course this trip aids to consolidate and extend learning in relation to key themes in the course. For example: 1) Factors determining the distribution and ecologies of species over place and time, 2) The role of base-lines in shaping conservation science and policy, 3) How interplay of multi-level conservation governance and the specificities of place in producing conservation territories, 4) Techniques for engaging diverse publics in the conservation cause.