The Geography Research and Teaching Laboratories (Geolabs) are located on the ground floor with Geolab1 (OxRBL) in room 152.10.90, with Geo OLD Lab in room 152.10.58, on the second floor with Geolab2 in room 152.30.53 and a basement storage area for rocks and sediments. The Geolabs provide various Labs facilities and equipment for Physical and Textural Analysis, Environmental Chemical Analysis, Microscopy and Imaging, Environmental Cabinets use, Moisture Analysis, Samples' Environmental Monitoring and Samples Preparation Instruments.

Our Labs are equipped with the following major analytical instruments: Ion Chromatography (IC), Induced Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrophotometer (ICP-MS), Spectrophotometers, Microplate Reader, Laser Particle Size Analyser, Environmental Cabinets, Furnace, Ovens, Microwave, Microscopes, Balances, Ultracentrifuge and Rock cutting saws.

The Geolabs host research and teaching activities for MSc practicals.

In addition, the Geolabs have a balance room located at the entrance of the Luminescence lab and have in common with the Earth Science department some thin section lab facilities.

Prospective users of the laboratories are required to have a lab induction and appropriate trainings. Please, contact the Laboratory Manager, Dr Mona Edwards prior to any laboratory work.

Laboratories Health & Safety: Please refer to the Geolabs Information webpages (SoGE Intranet) where you can find the laboratory rules and the Health and Safety information.