Please Note: This seminar series has finished. For information on our current seminar series please see our Seminar Series webpage.

Seminars will be held biweekly on Tuesdays in the Boardoom of the Oxford University Centre for the Environment, with a reception at 4pm and the seminars beginning at 4.30pm, unless otherwise indicated. For further information contact Julia Markovich.

Week 2: 4pm, Tuesday 29 April 2008, Boardroom, OUCE

Researching the value of volunteering: negotiating ethical and practical challenges.

Dr Sophie Bowlby, Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of Reading.

Week 4: 4pm, Tuesday 13 May 2008, Boardroom, OUCE

Women in Science, Engineering and Technology: three decades of UK initiatives.

Dr Alison Phipps, Director of Gender Studies, University of Sussex.

Week 6: 4pm, Tuesday 27 May 2008, Boardroom, OUCE

Reflections on gender and pay inequalities in the contemporary service economy.

Prof. Diane Perrons, Director, Gender Institute, London School of Economics.

Week 8: 4pm, Tuesday 10 June 2008, Boardroom, OUCE

Researching Workers in India's New Service Economy: Methodological Confessions of an Economic Geographer and a Development Geographer.

Dr Al James, Lecturer in Human Geography, Queen Mary University.