Please Note: This seminar series has finished. For information on our current seminar series please see our Seminar Series webpage.

All seminars will be held in the Boardroom, OUCE, 1-2pm on Wednesdays unless indicated otherwise below. For further information contact Prof. Rob Whittaker.

Week 1: Wednesday 25 April 2007

The Last Wild Sanctuaries: Conservation Planning in Gabon, Central Africa.

Michelle Lee, Zoology Department, Oxford.

Week 2: Wednesday 2 May 2007

Towards a Theory of Extinction.

Professor Adrian Newton, School of Conservation Sciences, Bournemouth University.

Week 3: Wednesday 9 May 2007

Understanding the Decline of the Western Alaskan Steller Sea Lion: Assessing the Evidence Concerning Multiple Hypotheses.

Marc Mangel, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Week 4: Wednesday 16 May 2007

Getting more out of Pollen Diagrams: Recent Developments in Quantitative Reconstruction of Past Landscapes.

Dr Jane Bunting, Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of Hull.

Week 5: Wednesday 23 May 2007

Biological Responses to Rapid Climate Change at the Late-Glacial / Holocene Transition: Dynamics, Diversity, Turnover and Rates of Change.

John Birks, University of Bergen.

Week 6: Wednesday 30 May 2007

Species Pool Effects on the Functional Structure of African Mammal Assemblages.

Dr Joaquin Hortal, NERC Centre for Population Biology, Imperial College London.

Week 7: Wednesday 6 June 2007

To Be Confirmed.

Week 8: Wednesday 13 June 2007

To Be Confirmed.