8-9 June 2017, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

The Center for Climate and Security, in collaboration with Oxford University, will launch its new report Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geo-Strategic Landscape of the Anthropocene on Friday, 9 June at the 4th Interdisciplinary Deserts Conference, held at the School of Geography.

This report is a multi-author, multi-institutional edited volume exploring a range of regional "epicenters" whose local climate vulnerabilities are likely to have significant implications for global security. The epicenters presented in this volume explore "the new geo-strategic landscape of the Anthropocene" and look at how the rapid physical changes associated with climate change (melting ice, sea level rise, droughts) are or are likely to interact with increasingly complex and interconnected socio-political-economic systems.

The report also looks at how these interactions could generate geo-strategic "epicenters" that are heightened versions of existing epicenters of global insecurity, and epicenters of global insecurity that have not existed before. The report concludes with a section on the tools available to manage systemic risks and to prepare for and mitigate the risks associated with this changing geo-strategic landscape.

The event will be a gathering of several of the report's authors as well as issue area experts, to examine the new geostrategic landscape of the Anthropocene and conduct a foresight exercise, to build familiarity with the tools useful for managing these kinds of systemic risks. The exercise will explore trends and cascading consequences in the context of climate change and build scenarios and vulnerability assessments.

Epicenters of Climate and Security is a multi-institution report, launched in partnership with the Planetary Security Initiative and others.

For further information, please contact Shiloh Fetzek at sfetzek [at] climateandsecurity.org.