Point - Line - Plane: Affect and/through Conceptual Personae (A Mini-Workshop of Sorts)

4pm, Friday 9 November | Gottmann Room A, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

Sponsored by the Technological Life research cluster | Organised by Derek McCormack

This workshop considers an approach to affect that moves across three different (but not fully separable) modes or ontological registers (quasi-Spinozist in nature): point, line, and plane. We will also entertain examples of work within affect studies that often takes up a proximate position in relation to one of these registers more than the others, and then look to how this plays out through subtle - or sometimes not-so-subtle - shadings of critical attention and writing practices. Finally, through a group exercise that enacts Deleuze and Guattari's notion of 'conceptual personae,' we will generate a cluster of affect-worldings that creatively play with (across?) the tensions, the bleeds and border patrollings that give necessary shape, texture, and buoyancy to disciplinary knowledge/s (as an 'embodiment of a particular exercise of thought, each with its peculiar style').

Dr Greg Seigworth is a Professor of Communication Studies in the Department of Communication and Theatre at Millersville University. He has published widely in journals such as Cultural Studies, Architectural Design, and Culture Machine. Greg co-edited The Affect Theory Reader (2011, Duke) with Dr. Melissa Gregg (University of Sydney), a field-defining collection of essays on affect and cultural theory. He is joint editor-in-chief of Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry, launched in 2017.