7pm Tuesday 1st November, Oxford Spires Academy, Glanville Road, Oxford OX4 2AU

Flocking Environmentalists presents, in association with Oxford Spires Academy and the School of Geography and the Environment 'Visioning Food after Brexit'.

Visioning food after Brexit

Brexit offers a once in a generation opportunity to rethink and reboot our food system.

At issue is how and where food is grown, caught and reared, how it is processed and marketed, who profits from (and pays for) the current system, and what is the impact of our food system on public health, the environment and the workers in the system. This evening event will scope, discuss and debate how best to take forward the opportunity the Brexit offers.

Duncan Williamson, Head of Food Policy at WWF-UK will introduce the issues and an agenda for change. Three panellists will add their comment and visions to further prime the audience discussion.

Confirmed panellists are:

Chaired by: Paul Jepson

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