Nearly 30 SoGE alumni gathered on 5 April for our first ever side event at an US Alumni Weekend: Alumna Reem Yusuf (ECM 2011-12) kindly hosted the reception at the British Consulate in San Francisco.

San Francisco Alumni drinks

Nearly 30 alumni attended SoGE drinks in San Francisco on 5 April (pictured above). The event was hosted by HM British Consul General Andrew Whitaker, Professor Sarah Whatmore and Reem Yusuf (ECM 2011), pictured below (left - right).

HM British Consul General Andrew Whittaker, Prof Sarah Whatmore and Reem Yusuf (ECM 2011)

The Consul General Andrew Whittaker gave a very warm welcome and spoke on the importance of US-British relations, how active the business and entrepreneur network was in San Francisco, and how great it was to see so many Oxonians in one place - even though he went to Cambridge!

Former Head of School Sarah Whatmore, now Head of Oxford Social Sciences division, gave an overview of developments in geography the division, and Reem Yusuf spoke about her role as Energy Policy Advisor & Climate Attaché at the Consulate and her time at Oxford. The guests enjoyed some great conversations, seeing friends they hadn't seen since Oxford and making interesting new contacts in town.

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