At the School of Geography and the Environment we are incredibly proud of the achievements of our alumni. Amongst the hundreds of students and staff who have been part of the School are many inspirational men and women.

In celebration of the National Year of Women 2018, marking 100 years since a significant number of women gained the vote in Britain, SoGE invited twelve of its inspirational alumnae to share their career and life experiences, in person at a special event in January 2018 and on film.

Alumnae share their words of encouragement to #geographywomen embarking upon their careers.


We're launching a new series of podcasts featuring some of our inspiring women alumnae. They will be sharing their memories of the School and who inspired them here, explaining how they have used their Geography training in their career, and offering advice to today's students thinking about life after Oxford.

#1 - Emma Jones, Barrister (Hertford, 2005)
#2 - Halima Khan, Executive Director, Health Lab, Nesta (Jesus, 1994)
#3 - Alicia Collinson, Barrister (St Hugh's, 1974)
#4 - Olly Belcher (nee Donnelly), Founder, Shivia (St Edmund Hall, 1999)
#5 - Samantha Yates, Secretary General, Global Water Leaders Group (Brasenose, 2010)
#6 - Beth Barrett-Wild (St Hilda's, 2005)