Academic Profile

Thomas is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment. Awarded an ESRC (1+3) studentship, Thomas completed his DPhil, Reclaiming experiment, at the department in April 2013, supervised by Dr Derek McCormack and Professor Sarah Whatmore. Thomas also has a BA (Hons) in Geography and a MSc (Distinction) in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy from the School.

Thomas' current research examines the notion of experiment and how, increasingly, multiple practices are being described as experimental. More specifically, Thomas attempts to articulate both a geography of certain kinds of ways of thinking the experiment, and explore how geography is trying to re-imagine itself as experimental. This chimes with his interest in the history and philosophy of the discipline, as well as his particular concern for non-representational styles of thinking and working.

As part of his research, Thomas has spent time at the Hexagram research-creation institute and several related laboratories in Montreal, in particular the Topological Media Lab and the SenseLab. He was a guest at the Institut für Raumexperimente in Berlin for a semester, a resident geographer at the transdisciplinary laboratory FoAM in Brussels and is an associate of The Office of Experiments. He is a member of the editorial committee for the journal, Inflexions, an affiliate of the collective Mattering Press, and a participant in the more-than-disciplinary Diagrammatic Practices group. He is on the committee for the History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group.

Current Research


Thomas lectures on 'Geographical Research' for the Final Honours School, leads an option on 'Contemporary Urban Life', and runs two undergraduate field classes focusing on methods and techniques in human geography.

Thomas runs an elective, 'An introduction to social theory', for graduate students and lectures on the MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance. He is also part of the doctoral training team.

Thomas has given tutorials at numerous colleges (Hertford, Jesus, St Catherine's, and St John's) and is now at Mansfield; he covers topics across human geography, for both Prelims and FHS.

Current Graduate Research Students

Rhian Scott

The contemporary warehouse studio: an extension of artist and urban landscape

Selected Publications

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Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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